World leaders have gathered, yet all people care about is the viral photo from the meeting.

It’s no surprise that US President Donald Trump was at odds with his fellow world leaders at the G7 Summit.

The Group of Seven, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Theresa May and German-Chancellor Angela Merkel, met in Quebec City this week to discuss everything from trade to climate change – and it was clear that things were going to be tense.

Other leaders present at the summit were angered by some of Trump’s recent decisions, including his withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement, his decision to impose trade tariffs on the US’s steel exports to Europe and Canda and his recent withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

But it’s this viral photograph that really captured the tense mood of the summit.


“Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions,” the photograph was captioned on Angela Merkel’s Instagram page.

In the photo, which has since gone viral, German Chancellor Merkel is seen standing above President Trump, who is seated with his arms crossed.

In the background, an unimpressed-looking Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe crosses his arms as he watches the pair speak.

Twitter users agreed that the photograph perfectly captured the tense mood of the summit, with some even likening it to a “renaissance painting”.

A diplomatic source at the G7 reportedly told Buzzfeed News that prior to the spontaneous meeting pictured, Trump had told each of the countries present what they “owed” the US, in trade and defence.

He also dramatically threatened that the US would “stop trading with them” if things aren’t changed to his liking soon.

“This has been the most awkward G7 meeting in its 43 years of history and it’s due to Trump’s behaviour,” Keith Suter said on Sunrise this morning.

Merkel’s photograph isn’t the only photograph of the summit to go viral – French President Emmanuel Macron was pictured giving Trump a particularly firm handshake, which left Trump with imprints on his hands.

Prior to the summit, Trump and Macron had exchanged words on Twitter over Trump’s controversial to impose tariffs on trade exports from Europe.

Trump was caught out on camera again when he arrived late to the summit’s gender equality breakfast meeting. Canadian PM Trudeau had already finished delivering his opening statement when Trump took his seat next to French politician Christine Lagarde.

With Trump set to meet with Kim Jong-un later this week, there’s no doubt there’ll be even more awkward photos to come…