This Dirty Dancing tribute could be the best thing to come out of yesterday's presidential debate.

Anyone who caught Donald Trump’s performance in the second presidential debate would likely concede there was room for improvement.

And when it comes to performing, few have ever done it better than Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the final scene of Dirty Dancing.

One imagines that’s why some genius over at Netherland’s site Lucky TV took it upon themselves to give yesterday’s debate footage a 1980s make over, which is funnily enough the perfect antidote to the bleak political landscape of 2016.

Since being posted on Facebook the video has been shared almost a million times.

You can watch the whole thing here. Post continues after video…

I think we can all agree that Trump has nothing on Swayze — especially hair-wise — but judging by her strong standing in the polls and her floundering opponent nobody will be putting Hillary Clinton in a corner come November.

One criticism of this masterpiece though: Where the hell is the lift?


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