Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. So, uh, we now know why Troy refused to sleep with Ashley on Married At First Sight.

Relax everyone, we finally know why Troy wasn’t into Ashley on Married At First Sight, and to be honest it’s difficult to say with a straight face.

Speaking to NW magazine, Troy’s words are a bit cringe-inducing and well, we’ll let you decide because they need to be seen to be believed.

“When I first saw Ash, even though I said I wanted a ‘Barbie’, she’s not the type of girl I’d usually go for and I struggled with attraction. She’s short,” he began.

“Ashley wasn’t really herself then! She was superficial and reactive. I was looking for someone insightful and analytical, but she wasn’t in that frame of mind.”

Even if we let him calling a woman a ‘Barbie’ slide, and ignore the comment on Ashley’s height, dissing another person for their lack of insight and analytical skills from a man that forgot to mention his mum is Coeliac before a dinner party is a bit well… short sighted.

Next he came for women with “extensive beauty regimes.”

“Because she sleeps for 10 hours a day, and at night has such an extensive beauty regimen with her tanning products that I’m then not allowed to touch her until they dry!” he tried to explain.

Hmmm, we’d like to hear what Ashley has to say about that…

Catch up on all the latest Married at First nonsense and listen to The Twins recap Episode 22, AKA the one where Troy forgot why his mum is Coeliac and ‘expert’ Trish gives Justin and Carly a lesson in intimacy. It gets a bit weird. Post continues after audio.


2. Rejoice, Kim Kardashian has a gift for the ladies on International Women’s Day: new Kimojis. 

Image: Getty

This Thursday, 8 March is International Women's Day - the day designated for celebrating the acheivments of women everywhere, while highlighting what still holds us back from gender equality. 'But why not make it a whole week?' says Kim Kardashian.

The entrepreneur sent out a tweet today telling fans they can expect an update to her Kim Kardashian West and Kimoji apps in celebration of "women's empowerment."

"It’s all about Women’s Empowerment this week on my app and KIMOJI!"

In true spirit of the day, Kim is celebrating IWD her way.

3. What the puck, Miss? Chris Lilley is about to start filming a new show.

Your high school nostalgia is about to return big time - Chris Lilley, the man behind shows like Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes, is making a new TV show. Even better? It will be filmed on the Gold Coast.

We don't know much about it yet, other than it will be a 10 episode comedy project for Netflix.

Filming is taking place from March to June 2018 and will reportedly generate a major $6.35 million boost for the local economy.

Image: HBO

Lilley and producer Laura Waters are also responsible for shows like Angry Boys, Ja'mie: Private School Girl and Jonah From Tonga, characters that have been criticised in recent years for their negative and stereotyped portrayals.

How will Lilley's style of comedy hold up in 2018? We'll see.

4. Patti Newton was participating in a reality TV show when she learned a horrible family secret.

Patti Newton's family secret
A fixture in Australia's entertainment industry, Patti said that she wasn't expecting the dramatic reveal. Image: Getty.

In a rather dramatic turn of events, Australian entertainment royalty and wife of Bert Newtown, Patti Newton, 73, was filming for SBS' Who Do You Think You Are when the show uncovered much more than what she was expecting.

The show which is now in its ninth season traces the family lineage of prominent Aussie celebrities and figures and often uncovering family secrets along the way.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph she said that initially she joked about the prospect of the show "finding a murderer" in the family, and that's exactly what happened.


"Every time someone would mention the series before I did it, they'd say 'I wonder what they'll find?' And I'd say, 'Oh, they'll probably find a murderer and I'll die'. And they did," she said.

Dating back several generations, Patti discovered that members on her father's side were linked to the death of a baby and involved in a criminal trial and high-profile media storm.

Speaking about the moment the always perfectly coiffed television and radio personality said that she "had no idea it would be so dramatic," and that the moment she "dissolved into tears" when she found out.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait till April 17th for Who Do You Think You Are to return, but needless to say we are very intrigued.

5. Why Meryl Streep's kids gave their dad an honorary Oscar.

Meryl Streep may be the most Oscaar-nominated woman in history with 21 nominations, but her husband, sculptor Don Gummer also has an award to his name.

Well, kinda.

Image: Getty

After the Oscars last night, daughter Louisa shared the hilarious story of why her and her siblings gave her father his own honorary award after attending the awards ceremony for almost 40 years alongside Streep.

You can read the full story here.

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