The 8 products that'll make you feel like you're on a tropical holiday.

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Let’s face it: being at home while everyone you know is away on holiday (and sharing the evidence on social media) can be a bit of a downer. In summertime the appeal of cocktails by the pool/frolicking in the ocean/walking through a rainforest/etc is hard to suppress.

There is a solution, however: you simply have to trick yourself into thinking you’re in some faraway tropical destination. If your powers of imagination are lacking, a certain scent, sensation or colour can help you along. Try one of these summery products on for size:

Essie’s summer range

Bright, sunny nail polish is an instant mood-booster — and if it’s the colour of sorbet, even better. Essie‘s limited edition Summer 2015 shades are basically a summer holiday in lacquer form, and they come with puntastic names like “chillato” (pistachio green) and “peach side babe” (a pinky peach). If you don’t have a gelato stand nearby, they’re not a bad consolation prize. ($16.95 each)

See? You're basically in Tahiti...

Ella Bache's Great Tan self tan cream

The fastest way to trick yourself (and everyone around you) into thinking you've just returned from a holiday is with a bit of faux bronzing.

Ella Bache is here to help you out: the brand has re-released its cult Great Tan range, including this instant tanning cream. It only takes two hours to develop a light tan, and the formula's cocoa butter and lanolin will keep you moisturised (with minimal odour). Also, how cute is this chevron design? ($40)

We're loving this packaging.


Watch: Face mist is another little luxury you can treat yourself too. Here are four reasons why. (Post continues after video.)


Jessica Mauboy's Be Beautiful fragrance

As she told The Glow, Jess designed her very first fragrance ($29) with her hometown Darwin in mind — she wanted to evoke its freshness, sand, saltwater, freshwater and rain. Sounds dreamy, no?

There are also notes of cucumber and pineapple in there, so if that's not a tropical holiday in a bottle I don't know what is.

Hints of cucumber and pineapple make this summer in a bottle.

Evo Salty Dog spray

At this time of year, the only holiday is a beach holiday (unless you're one of those types who flee to the colder climes of the Northern Hemisphere).

A spritz of this will bring summer vibes.


Even if you live inland, evo's Salty Dog ($29.95) will make you feel like you've been floating in the Mediterranean all day. It'll give your hair gorgeous matte texture and wind-swept waves, plus it smells delightful. Added benefit: there's no risk of getting caught in a rip.

Alpha Keri's sugar body scrub

This new release from Alpha Keri is an absolute treat. The sugar and oil combination leaves your skin incredibly smooth and soft for hours on end, and if you close your eyes while you rub it in (we recommend doing this in the bath) you can pretend you're being pampered in a day spa on Thailand's Phi Phi island. ($14.99)

If you want to go a step further, pop a sheet mask on while you're at it. Here are some of our team's picks. (Post continues after gallery.)


Modelsprefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder baked trio

This sweet little trio will inject that beachy glow into your face, minus the sunburn risk — you can use the shades by themselves or in combination. ($16.99)

Bronzey goodness.

Antipodes Chia and Kiwi Seed serum

New Zealand is a beautiful holiday destination, mainly thanks to its luscious landscapes. Antipodes has captured the essence of its homeland with this new release — the design is inspired by Wellington's forests, while the serum itself is made from kiwifruit seeds.

The brand will also be donating $2 from each bottle to the World Wildlife Fund, so it's a little luxury you can feel good about. ($39.60)

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After-Sun moisturisers

You don't have to be holidaying on the Gold Coast to catch a few too many rays. If you do OD on sunlight — tsk, tsk — Jurlique's After Sun Replenishing Moisturising Lotion ($45) and Dermalogica's After Sun Repair ($48) will help soothe and remedy that. They also smell really good.

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What are your favourite summer beauty products?