"The comfiest sports bra I've ever worn is also the cheapest."

If I’m well-versed in anything, it’s wearing rigid, unforgiving, smooshy sports bras. Not sure if you’re familiar with them – they give you plentiful armpit bulge and generally bring about the sensation of impending death?

Jokes! May we all weep in unison.

I literally have a scar on the side of my body from a rogue underwire being shoved into my ribcage when I was 18 and playing netball. Fun!

And yet, I like exercise. And quite like my breasts to be controlled in some variety of sausage casing so they don’t bounce around while I pretend I’m Kayla Itsines on the Stairmaster machine.

Quite the conundrum.

Given my history with sports bras – my boobs and soul practically shrivel up at the sight of them – I went into my first date with Triumph’s Triaction Zen bra with a tinge of dread. “Zen” sounded like a bloody big promise for a smooshy sports bra to make. The price tag of $19.95 also seemed oddly… suspicious.

mich 1
Le bra. Le mirror selfie.

And yet. AND. YET.

This is the best mothertrucking sports bra - nay, bra - I have ever worn.

Now, in the interests of transparency, this little bra date was set up through my work, so was provided to me for free. Indeed, I did not pay for the first bra myself. Guilty as charged.


But what I also admit is that I (and my boobs) loved the purple Zen bra so freaking much I bought another one, this time in hot pink, with my own dubloons. That's how comfortable it is. (Also, my mother calls me "trustworthy" and "honest" - and would like to add that I would not lie to you, the delightful reader people, about a matter as important as bras.)


There are so many reasons why I love this bra so damn much, so here are some dot points:

  • The bright, happy colours make me feel bright... and happy.
  • SO stretchy and NO underwire. Actually, very, very stretchy. Yet still very supportive. Which sounds like an oxymoron yet somehow isn't.
  • The fabric is super breathable, meaning minimal sweat.
  • The cross-over detailing at the back makes me look like I'm a cool F45 girl, despite me being the opposite of a cool F45 girl.
  • No armpit overhang.
  • I should reiterate that - no armpit overhang.
  • Did I mention the bright colours?

If you're wondering - we're all friends here - my cup size is 10C, so I can't speak for the ladies with huge bazookas; this is just my experience as a moderately-breasted woman. But if you're in the itty bitty club, or carrying around two C-cups of your own, I swear you will like this bra.

It costs less than most brunches at just $19.99 for the purple and $14.99 for the pink.

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