"I've fallen in love." 8 women try Trilogy's new $39.95 clean beauty Boosters for radiant skin.

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When it comes to your complexion, how bright, smooth, radiant, and plumped your skin looks can come down to a few factors. Yes, it can be your environment. Your genes, too.  

But the difference between good skin and great skin often comes down to simple, high-performance ingredients targeted to your skin concerns.  

Which is why we need to introduce you to Trilogy's all-new Skin Boosters.

Following the hugely successful 2019 launch of their freshly activated Vitamin C Booster Treatment, clean beauty brand Trilogy, which is also Australia’s number one rosehip oil brand, has launched two new two-week intensive treatments: the Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment and Bakuchiol+ Booster Treatment.

At $39.95 a bottle each, these two-week intensive treatments pack a powerful punch. So, what are they? 

The Trilogy Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment is a two-week intensely hydrating water-gel serum enriched with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to boost dry, dull and dehydrated skin. Often seen as nature's moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid is seriously effective in helping to keep skin hydrated for longer, especially on more mature skin. This serum promises improved elasticity and plumper, dewier skin.

The Trilogy Bakuchiol + Booster Treatment is a two-week natural retinol alternative, safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding, which includes super-ingredients bakuchiol, squalene and hemp seed oil designed to help smooth fine lines and improve the signs of ageing.

What is bakuchiol? In short, it's a plant oil that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It has natural antioxidant, skin conditioning and emollient properties that can help improve the appearance of your skin as you get older. It helps stimulate collagen, promote elasticity and firmness, so your skin feels smoother. It can also minimise pigmentation, and its antibacterial properties mean it's not a bad choice for acne-prone or oily skin. In fact, it's gentle for all skin types.

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So, we asked Mamamia’s You Beauty Panel for their first impressions. How do you use it? How does it feel? Is it suitable for every skin type? 

For best results, apply two to three drops of each booster to a clean face morning and night for two weeks or until finished. Apply Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment first, followed by Bakuchiol+ Booster Treatment. This will help lock in, rather than lock out the goodness of the Hyaluronic Acid.  

But of course, our Youbies had some tips of their own. 41 Youbies tried the Trilogy Skin Boosters out for themselves and 37 said they would recommend it (that's 90 per cent). Here are some of their reviews and tips.

Amanda, 39

Image: Supplied. 

Amanda described her overall experience with the Trilogy Booster Treatments as "amazing", having seen and felt an improvement in her skin texture after two days of using the serums morning and night.

"They were a delight to use and it felt really special! The products smell amazing as well," she said.


Amanda's tip for using the Skin Boosters is to apply them morning and night after cleansing and misting your skin.

Sarah, 37

"These serums are my new favourite summer products," Sarah said of the two treatments. "I used the Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment in the morning, under my daily moisturiser and sunscreen, and I used the Bakuchiol + Booster Treatment at night, after cleansing and under my oils."

Oh, and her skin is feeling "softer, more hydrated and fresher" after a few weeks of use. Win!

Kimberly, 29

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Kimberly loved both her treatments. A lot.

"They did exactly what they claimed and unlike 2020, actually exceeded my expectations," she said.

"The Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment made my skin so hydrated, plump and literally glow. The Bakuchiol+ Booster Treatment didn’t make me break out like a lot of other retinol-based products have and I think actually helped clear my hormonal breakouts.

"I noticed results as soon as four days and fell in love. My only regret is not taking a 'before photo'."

Her tip: Follow the instructions exactly as they recommend: day and night for two consecutive weeks.

Alyssa, 32

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Alyssa loved using Trilogy's Skin Booster Treatments - particularly as they fit so easily into her current skincare routine.

"I’ve been using them for two weeks and already noticed better skin texture - plumper, smoother skin and my pores are less noticeable," she said.

"The scent of the Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster is subtle and reminds me of lychees. Its consistency is quite thick for a serum, but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it absorbed into my skin once applied.

"The Bakuchiol+ Booster has a comforting woody, earthy scent. This face oil was a thinner consistency. It glided on easily, my skin drank it right up."

She recommends using the Hyaluronic Acid+ treatment in the morning, and Bakuchiol+ at night for a luxe feel. 

Lisa, 39

"The booster treatments were a beautiful addition to my skincare routine," Lisa said. "The quality of the product was obvious from the first use. Both left my skin feeling hydrated, smoother, softer and more radiant.

"The dropper made it easy to measure the right amount and the treatment glides on easily and smoothly. My skin looked more supple and youthful (wrinkles less noticeable) after the first three days."

Lisa recommends the Bakuchiol+ Booster Treatment for anyone with fine lines and wrinkles, while "the Hyaluronic Acid + Booster Treatment would be great for anyone with tired skin looking for more moisture".

Karli, 35.

Image: Supplied.  "I have not found a hyaluronic acid that does not pill until this one! It works well under makeup and absorbs quickly," Karli said of her Hylarounic Acid+ Booster Treatment.


"The Bakuchiol+ Booster was super hydrating in an oil base without it being too oily. It left my skin feeling soft and dewy and minimised my fine lines."

Rebekka, 31

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"I really loved both of these Trilogy products," Rebekka said. "As a new mum who is currently breastfeeding, and new user of Trilogy, a retinol alternative gets me excited. I was skeptical at first but I’m pretty convinced that it’s giving retinol a run for its money."

"First impressions - the Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster has a lovely, fresh scent. It is very subtle and not at all overpowering. It seemed to absorb nicely (always onto damp skin) and didn’t leave my face feeling sticky like some other hyaluronic serums I have tried.

"The Bakuchiol+ Booster is an oil, which was a nice surprise!"

Her tip? Apply the boosters fresh out of the shower on clean, damp skin.

Monique, 29

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Monique saw plenty of change over the two weeks she trialled Trilogy's Skin Boosters.

"My biggest difference is the evenness in skin tone," she said. "It also provides a great base for makeup."

She found both products easy and pleasant to apply, and recommends a liberal application - particularly for the Bakuchiol+.

Want to try for yourself now? Head to Trilogy's website to find out more

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Trilogy’s Booster Treatments are designed to target your specific skin concerns with a two-week boost of exactly what you skin needs, when it needs it - naturally.

The Bakuchiol+ Booster Treatment boosts aging skin with a luxurious blend of powerful anti-aging oils which includes hero ingredient bakuchiol, a plant-based non-irritating alternative to retinol that stimulates collagen production. Hydrating plant squalane, omega rich hemp, rosehip oils and softening meadowfoam oil also work together to encourage firm, smooth, plump and rejuvenate skin.

The Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment on the other hand is an intensely hydrating water-gel serum packed with nature’s moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, smooth and plump dehydrated skin. Acerola and schisandra are included to protect against free radical damage, while aloe vera, rosehip and ginseng boost the skin’s overall health.

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