Five products that'll disguise your lack of sleep, according to an international makeup artist.

Whether it’s from an all-night Netflix binge, a screaming baby, a noisy neighbour or all of the above, we all have nights or even weeks when we just don’t get enough sleep.

And if the general feeling of being exhausted isn’t enough, our body is kind enough to also give us dry skin, under eye circles and general bleurgh-ness as a result.

Fortunately you don’t have to don the shades and cap. According to acclaimed celebrity makeup artist and Priceline Pharmacy’s Makeup Director Rae Morris, you need just five products to banish any signs of tiredness.

Step 1: Hydrate your eyes.

“Whenever anyone is tired everything just dries out,” says Morris.

“A trick I’ve learnt with jetlagged models is to load them up with saline eye drops, $6.99 – not only does this hydrate the eyes, but it also wakes people up and makes them feel more awake too!

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Step 2: Moisturise.

“When you are really tired you need to be generous with moisturiser –the AVENE Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream, $15.99 is a great one for dry skin,” says Morris.


Image: Priceline

Step 3: Add glow.

When you don't really have that healthy "glow", it's time to fake it.

"You want to build really dewy, glowing skin – no powders! A great luminizing primer is important," she says.

Her pick? The Nude by Nature Undercover Airbrush Primer, $29.95, which uses only natural ingredients to create a smooth and poreless luminous-looking base. (Post continues after gallery.) 

Step 4: Cover up the redness.

The most obvious giveaway signs are typically around your under-eye area, which gets red and dried out.

"My best advice is to keep makeup on the top eyelid only to keep the focus above the eye and not under it," she says.

"Make sure you stay away from eyeshadows with lavender or purple tones – this will bring out the red rather than play it down!"

Morris recommends investing in a nude-coloured eyeliner.

"We tend to get a lot of redness in the inner eye rim - Models Prefer do a great eggshell coloured pencil, $9.99, that acts like a concealer on the water line."


Image: Priceline

Step 5: Coverage.

Avoid caking on hundreds of layers of foundation and instead focus on applying it in the areas you need it most.

"You want a nice BB cream or a foundation that gives good coverage such as Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, $24.90," she says.

Image: Priceline

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