"I tried the natural skincare range you've seen all over Instagram. Here are my 3 must-haves."

Thanks to our brand partner, Tribe

OK, I'll admit it, I have zero loyalty when it comes to sticking to a particular skincare product.

I go through beauty brands faster than hot dinners.

It's the packaging, the delicious smell and, well, the alluring promise. Oh, how I always fall for the beauty promise.

But despite my love of spinning through products and brands, I had never dipped my toe – or perhaps more aptly, my face and that all-important décolletage (never forget it) - into the ever-growing world of natural skincare, aka products that are made purely from ingredients available in nature.

Yep, for the best part of 20 years – give or take – I've failed to form a long-lasting relationship with a skincare brand but I did stay bizarrely devoted to loading my face up with chemicals. One US study even claimed that the average woman smears an average of 168 chemicals on her body every day... which is a lot.

So, last month I joined the #cleanbeauty revolution that's managed to attract a whopping 2.6 million mentions on Instagram. I started using Tribe Skincare, an Aussie-made, all-natural skincare range that's also vegan and cruelty-free.

Three particular products earned their spots in my skincare routine, proving to be worthy of a more long-term beauty love affair...

My top three from Tribe's range. Image: Amy Nelmes Bissett/Mamamia.


1. Clean Me! Balm Cleanser. (RRP$58)

I added up the numbers and I've tried a different cleanser every other month since I was about 16. I'm now 36, so that works out at 120 cleansers I've tried over two decades. So, when I say this, it's not from a point of inexperience: The Clean Me! Balm Cleanser is in my top three. That's quite the accolade. 

Tribe Clean Me! Balm Cleanser. Image: Supplied


So, what makes it good? For one, the smell. You know the smell you get when you walk into a really fancy spa. It's a bit like lemongrass, I think. Well, that's what Tribe's Clean Me! Balm Cleanser smells like. Truly delicious.

It's also a balm texture (read: a little thicker in consistency) which means I definitely used less than other products. Only two or three pumps. And I also usually double cleanse but after buffing with the face mitt (purchased separately), I felt a single cleanse left my skin feeling super clean without stripping it.

And that's what makes Tribe stand out in the overcrowded world of skincare: It is tailor made for sensitive skin. 


Seriously, each of the natural ingredients found in Tribe's products are picked to ensure that it cleans the most delicate of dermis (fancy way of saying skin) without being too harsh.

Also, there's something satisfying about using a skincare range that's ingredients read like a really delicious green juice concoction. Cucumber, desert lime, orange, ylang ylang and aloe vera, to name a few.

2. Scrub Me! Exfoliant (RRP$58)

In early July, my facialist made me look her in the eye and promise that I would stop using heavy-grain exfoliators.

God, they're addictive. Luckily for me, I won't have to lie to her face when I see her next as the Tribe's Scrub Me! Exfoliant isn't abrasive. It's a pretty pink-hued powder that you wet slightly and then rub gently onto your face.

Tribe Scrub Me! Exfoliant. Image: Supplied


It's made from crushed oats, which gently buff away dead skin cells and the water activates the fruit enzymes (papaya and pineapple, if you're wondering) and white clay to further exfoliate and clean your skin to reveal a super fresh complexion.

It's so gentle that it can be used a few times a week, and you can leave it on for 15 minutes, so it's kind of like a luxurious face mask (yep, that spa experience again).

3. Let's Roll! Hydrating Eye Serum (RRP$48)

Do you know the last time I had a full night's sleep? It was the summer of 2016. What a wonderful time that was. Anyway, four years and two kids later, and the ever-drooping area below my eyes is getting darker and deeper.

But after three days of using Tribe's  Let's Roll! Hydrating Eye Serum, the dark holes of hell were not only lightened but my skin in this area glowed. I repeat, glowed.

Tribe Let's Roll! Hydrating Eye Serum. Image: Supplied


Also, hot tip: I've also started putting it in the fridge and when I have my 4pm slump, I give the area under my eyes a quick roll and it's incredibly invigorating! Yes, an eye serum can and will uplift your day (especially if you haven't slept for four years).

In conclusion...

Tribe convert right here. Image: Amy Nelmes Bissett/Supplied.


So, will I stick with an all-natural skincare? For an un-loyal beauty hound like myself, it's a big call but there's something feel-good about using a skincare range that's so natural and smells so good I could eat it (please don't eat it).

But best of all, when you have sensitive skin like myself, with a tendency to go that unsightly rouge shade, these products are formulated so redness should reduce after a few weeks of use.

Also, a massive thumbs-up goes to the fun tropical packaging – finally a beauty brand that doesn't follow the shrink it and make it pink mentality of marketing to women! I salute you, Tribe.

Have you tried any products from Tribe? Let us know below!

Feature image: Supplied.

Tribe Skincare create skincare and mineral makeup for sensitive skin. The entire range is 100% natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty free and made in Australia. In just 3 years, over 50,000 Australian and New Zealand women have fallen in love with this super gentle, yet effective, easy-to-us skincare range.