Meet the dog that's trendier than you and all your friends.

There are a couple of things that set us apart from our doggy mates. The ability to style your hair into a hipster bun used to be one of them.

Not anymore.

Meet: Miho.

Source: Instagram.

Miho is a Maltese that has been causing a stir since her modelling debut on the Instagram account of Korean pet store Moelleux.

The store has 8000 followers who regularly watch, like and comment on images of its star pooch.

Source: Instagram.

Miho lives in the South Korean capital of Seoul and is often photographed out and about in popular locations such as the suburb of Gangnam and by the Han river.


Posts that gain the most likes seem to be when Miho is fluffed out in monochrome styling or when her hair is styled in an up-do.

Source: Instagram.

Miho's current top post has gained her almost 2000 likes for a gentle pose with a pastel pink bow.

The comment section has over a hundred messages from users who marvel at the pooch and tag their friends.

"This dog is fancier than me," one user wrote.

"Fringe on point," another user wrote.

One user even admitted to harbouring jealousy for the Korean starlette.

"Oh my god whaaaaaaaaat. I've never been so jealous of a dog." they wrote.

Little do they know, Miho is a big (small) copycat as I'm pretty sure I've seen a white-blonde bun done before.

Source: Instagram.

Let's all take note and follow accordingly: deck yourself out in white and pop your hair up.

You may gain instant Insta success.

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