The Big Brother love birds, more in love than ever.

They’ve taken the next big step in their relationship.

The most famous love affair to come out of the 2014 Big Brother house continues to take-off as Travis Lunardi and Aisha McKinnon embark on their first romantic getaway together in Bali.

Travis and ‘Baby Aish’, as he affectionately calls her, have kept their fans up to date with plenty of holiday snaps posted to Instagram and Facebook of the loved up duo enjoying themselves in Bali.

“She’s the looks and I’m the laughs." Aisha's Instagram

Travis announced on Tuesday, he was “Jetting off to Bali with my better half”. Saying “She’s the looks and I’m the laughs (or so I think) I can’t wait to see what our first travelling adventure brings us!”

Then posting a photo on his Facebook page of the pair “Enjoying a couple of cocktails” together on Thursday evening.

"He's a keeper." Aisha's Instagram

Aisha has also been keeping her followers in the loop, posting another photo of the pair to her Instagram account with the caption “Last night with the Lover.”

The pair became a hot item early on the 2015 series and were frontrunners to take out the $200,000 prize, proving very popular with fans of the show. Travis was the eventual runner-up, losing out to Sydneysider Ryan Ginns.

But he seems to be a winner in the love department. Securing the ultimate prize....Baby Aish.

Perhaps a baby is the next thing on the agenda for these two lovebirds?. Aisha's Instagram

It was obvious from the outset Travis was totally smitten when Aisha entered the house on day two of the television series. At one point requesting a private date with the former New Zealand beauty from Big Brother himself, who authorised a private dinner-date for the pair.

And they have even used the ‘B’ word. With Travis opening up to the Daily Mail Australia that perhaps a baby was not too far off for the young couple.

“'I'm already trying to knock her up. Mum's always pressuring me because she wants to be a grandmother.”

The couple are only too happy to share their love with their fans. Aisha's Instagram

These recent loved up photographs follow a steady stream of images of the pair, who have been only too happy to document their fledgling romance on social media.

Two weeks ago Aisha posted a selfie of the pair on Instagram with the caption “He’s a keeper.”

Do you think these lovebirds will last the distance?

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