He walks his wife around on a leash. But Travers Beynon insists he's a "family man".

It’s not all about “boobs and babes” for Australia’s Hugh Hefner, apparently. Except it kind of is.

Travers Beynon has become infamous in the last two weeks for his ridiculous, over-sexualised, demoralising lifestyle.

In case you’ve been lucky enough to hear nothing about him until now, the AFL player turned playboy tobacco boss lives in a Gold Coast mansion with his wife, two kids and about 15 other bikini-clad women.

He also ‘walks’ his wife and her best friend (also his mistress) around the mansion on leashes, objectifies women by degrading them to pieces of furniture, and takes endless photos of this misogynist decadence for Instagram.

Oh, and he’s a father of four.

Candyman's interpertation of "Doggy Style" #candyman #candyshopmansion #candyshopangels #doggystyle #TLB666

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It’s that last part that I keep coming back to — because as much as his lifestyle outrages and disgusts me because of his antics alone, it’s easy to forget that this person has young children in his care.

To Beynon, his four children are more important than the “boobs and babes”, he says. He wants the public to know him as a “family man”, not just a “candyman”.

Of course, his campaign for Father Of The Year is being documented on Instagram.

“There is one thing I cherish more than throwing the biggest and best parties…and that is my KIDS & FAMILY. Our mornings are like everybody else. I am their PROTECTOR & PROVIDER,” he insisted in one post.

On another, he boasted of his ridiculous wealth by letting the world know he also hosts kids’ parties (you know, just in case any of us were after a party planner.)

…I also throw the biggest kids parties, they forgot that part!. #kingofthekids #candyman #candyshopmansion #traversbeynon

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Beynon is proud of his lifestyle and he really, really thinks he’s a great father. For all I know, he might be.

But the impression he gives off to the public is, well, anything but.

Click through the gallery below for some of Beynon’s outrageous posts. Post continues after gallery:

One of his children is a 13-year-old aspiring model. She’s beautiful, and Beynon acts like a proud father in showing her off. But his way of showing his pride is by interjecting modelling shots of her through his disturbing Instagram feed and calling for comments about his daughter’s looks.

He also has no shame in letting people know his daughter and her friends attend his wild parties, clad in bikinis and surrounded by half naked women.

One of the less revealing photos Beynon has posted to Instagram of his daughter. He captioned it: “Our Diamond Daughter…Flawless!!! #prouddad #proudmum #flawless #diamonds #only13 #thenextvictoriasecretmodel”

There’s so much wrong with those pictures.

For a look into Beynon’s lifestyle, see below (post continues after video):

We can choose not to concern ourselves with Beynon’s lifestyle since, let’s face it, we’ll just never understand him — and I highly doubt any article will change his mind on how he chooses to live.

But his children didn’t choose this kind of life, or this kind of exposure. And that’s what I can’t get past.

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