Australian blogger discovers "creepy" copycat mirroring her every move around the world.

When you have half a million followers, and spend your days travelling the world and taking amazing photos for your blog, there’s not much you can imagine going wrong.

Except when you find that someone has been following your every move, and recreating your photographs down to every last detail.

Travel blogger Lauren Bullen discovered a copycat was following her every move. Image via Gypsea Lust.

When Australian Instagram star Lauren Bullen, known as Gypsea Lust, says she discovered a 'fan' was doing exactly that, she was "truly shocked" and "creeped out".

"At first I thought it was all photoshopped & had to take screen shots to compare the two," she wrote on a post on her website.

Image via Gypsea Lust.

"They honestly did an incredible job copying our imagery, controversially insane mimics... But stealing someone’s art - that’s never okay."

Bullen said the woman, who has since set her account to private, mirrored almost every detail of her shots, down to her outfits, props and poses.

Image via Gypsea Lust.

When Bullen was first alerted to the account, she woke her boyfriend "in the middle of the night" to show him.

"We both were extremely confused and shocked and I quickly took screen shots of all the posts," she said.

Her next step was to confront her carbon copy head on.

"When I messaged her about discovering her page and how crazy and ridiculous I thought it was, she tried to justify it by just saying everyone copies us and even big accounts are taking same pictures at the same place," Lauren wrote.

Image via Gypsea Lust.

"[She] told me I should make my pictures private if I don’t want this to happen - I think she missed the point that no one has copied down to this extreme before and it’s completely different."

Bullen finished by saying she was still able to laugh at the situation.

"Whatever comes your way - take it with a pinch of salt & make sure you remember to have a laugh. Last from me about this - Off on the next adventure to create some fresh content (sic)," she finished.

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