'I worked for the airline industry for 3 years and this is my no. 1 flying hack.'

Anyone who says flying is a glamorous task is lying (or Taylor Swift flying on her private jet).

Long lines, cramped seats, the marathon sprint to make it from one connecting flight to another and of course, the dreaded delays... If we're being honest, flying is not always a fun journey but knowing there's a dreamy destination on the other end makes it absolutely worth it.

Luckily for us, there are ways to make the plane part of the whole experience a smoother adventure. One airline employee has shared the major hack that revolutionised travelling for her and made flying a less daunting task. 

Watch: The ultimate travel hack. Post continues after video. 

Video via TikTok/durbinmalonster.

Darby Maloney, a former airline employee, shared on TikTok the one flight hack that makes flying a much simpler task. She said in the now-viral clip that because of it, she no longer needs to "look at the screens" that allow you to track airport flights — she just sails on through the airport, both at departure and arrival. 

"This is my number one flying hack," she said in the video, which now has more than 16 million views and almost two million likes. 

"The morning of your flight, you're going to text yourself your flight number but the key is you have to include your airline code." 


Darby, who is from the United States, explained that every airline has a code for every single flight — something you might already be aware of if you're a season traveller. The code for every flight is included in your booking information, and is typically a mix of a code or the specific airline, and the flight number of the plane.

For example, Qantas fights are always QF' followed by a number. Singapore Airlines is SQ and then a number, Jetstar is JQ plus a number... You get the idea.

(FYI, we tried this hack with Virgin as well, and unfortunately, Virgin's flight code did NOT translate to a live link — but the others came through. Do with that information what you will.)

Following Darby's instructions, I sent myself two Virgin Airline flight codes and then a Qantas flight code, which worked. Image: Supplied.


Once you've established the airline code for your flight, Darby said it's important to text the code to someone you know, or to your own phone number. "If someone's going to be picking you up, send it to them. If you're Ubering, send it to yourself," she explained. 

The ~magical link~, once opened, will tell you precisely everything you need to know about your flight.

"It will update in real-time what your gate number is. You're going to go through security, open your phone, click on your link and [it will tell you]."

Not only that, it will also keep you posted on the length of your flight, the time of your flight, your baggage claim lane  or gate, and whether your flight is running on time.

When you click on the link, you'll have access to all the information about your flight. Image: Supplied.


The best part? The link is constantly updating... so if anything changes, you'll be kept in the loop, Darby explained.

"If it changes, it will change in that link. Whoever is picking you up can literally see your little aeroplane flying across the screen," she said.

"You know when you take off and [for example] you land at 8:30am? And then mid-flight there's a great tailwind and you end up landing at 8:06 am? It will update in that link and whoever is picking you up can see exactly when that flight status changes... "


Travelling is an exciting thing, and while flying can be a bit of a painful task, anyone taking on Dary's ultimate flight hack might just have a less anxiety-inducing journey next time.

"I never have to look at the screens in an airport anymore," she said. 

"It's the greatest hack ever and I feel like nobody knows about it."

Now we do!

Feature Image: TikTok @durbinmalonster.

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