Victorian man raped and terrorised his transgender step-daughter.

The Victorian stepfather of a transgender woman has plead guilty to raping her multiple times over a 13 year period.

During this time, he is said to have referred to her as his second wife, taken her on a “honeymoon” and threatened the financial ruin of her family if she dared speak out.

Beginning shortly after her gender reassignment surgery, the Victorian County Court heard on Monday the first attack began with her step-father trying to kiss her and telling her, “I just can’t help myself; you’ve become such a beautiful woman.”

This first attempt was shortly followed by a sexual attack when the woman’s mother was at church one Sunday. The court heard that the man told his step-daughter at the time, “I know you’ve been wanting this since your operation.”

When faced with the possibility of his step-daughter speaking out, the man threatened her, saying he would "take your mum for everything she's worth".

According to the Daily Mail, Prosecutor John Livitsanos told the court that the step-father would refer to the woman as his second wife on multiple occasions, telling her "she should be happy because not many men would want to be with a woman like her" - referring to the fact that she was transgender.

The young woman was terrified and "did not know how to make him stop," Livitsanos continued.

The court then heard that the man went as far as to take his step-daughter to a hotel, claiming the night away would serve as their "honeymoon".

Despite saying that she was not ready, did not want to and crying out in pain, the man forced her to have vaginal sex with him and "consummate" their relationship. It was the first time the woman had ever had sex.

After several years of sexual violence the woman began filming her attacks on hidden cameras, which were later handed over the footage as evidence to the police.

The woman told the court her step-father "is a remorseless, amoral and dangerous individual."

The man's barrister, Bradley Newton, is seeking a reduced sentence on the basis of the step-father's admission of guilt and the avoidance of the woman having to take the case to trial.

For safety and privacy reasons, neither the woman or her step-father have been identified to the public. It is not known how old the woman now is, but the plea hearing continues.

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