A film about the transgender experience in Australia.

Next up in Mamamia’s ‘Short Film of the Week’ series…. documentary ‘It’s Not About the Sex’.

At age 5, Anna asked her mother if she could become a boy. She said ‘yes’.

But it took 25 years for Anna to complete the transformation to Andrew Guy.

When transgender surgery wasn’t available to Andrew Guy in Australia, he sought out the phalloplasty operation in the US.

But his dream was stalled by the prohibitive price of the gender reassignment procedure. Things got so bad he was placed on mental health watch.

It isn’t until his estranged father offered him a lifeline that Andrew’s journey to authenticity was complete.

Filmed over four years and featuring interviews with a counsellor, psychiatrist and world-renowned geneticist, the documentary provides a kaleidoscope of perspectives about the transgender experience in Australia.

You can watch a preview here:

Video via Video Works TV

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