Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Married At First Sight’s Tracey shared the first page of her book. Grammar fanatics promptly lost their minds.

Grammar nuts, shield your eyes.

Ex-MAFS bride Tracey Jewel just shared a little preview of her upcoming book This Goddess Means Business and, well, some fans spotted a few teeny tiny errors.

Sharing the excerpt on Instagram, she talks about money, stadiums and Cardi B, sometimes with rogue capital letters and curious punctuation.

Take a read of the copy and see what you think:

Some fans haven’t responded favourably with comments ranging from the rather diplomatic, “Maybe not your best Tracey,” to calls for Tracey to “sack the editor.”

Let’s just call it an uncorrected proof and move on, shall we?

2. The awkward moment when the TODAY Show Cash Caller is told he’s won. Then that he’s lost. Then that he’s won again.

It’s been a big morning for Steve Donohue of Mollymook.

The chosen caller of the TODAY Show‘s Cash Caller competition first won $40,000, before having the money rescinded, his call deliberated, before the show confirmed that he had indeed won the money.

To say that it was an awkward moment on set is putting it lightly.

You see the only rules for Cash Caller is that you answer with “I wake up with Today,” and unfortunately there was a bit of confusion whether or not poor old Steve had said the word “hello” before.


“Just to clarify, we have got a team upstairs who have a better grasp of the audio coming through than we do here on the floor, because there’s a lot of stuff going on here. And the first word that came out was ‘hello’,” said guest co-host Ben Fordham, trying to explain the process to the audience.

A while later, the hosts’ tune changed again – confirming that Steve Donohue of Mollymook was indeed the winner of $40,000.

Very good.

You can watch the rather awkward moment right here:

Video by Channel 9

3. Kensington Palace tried to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s third birthday, but bitterly disappointed people instead.

It’s Princess Charlotte’s birthday (well, actually it was yesterday, but you know, time difference) and Kensington Palace has marked the occasion with an Instagram post of the smiling royal and a comment wishing her happy birthday.


Adorable, right?

But not everyone was happy about the post. Among the “Happy Birthday Princess” wishes and comments about how much she looked like Queen Elizabeth, were some messages of disappointment. Because while the palace used a cute image of Charlotte, it was not a new photo, nor the birthday portrait fans were expecting.

“Need an updated photo, please,” requested one person, skipping the pleasantries. While hundreds of others asked,”Why no photo released this year?”

Kensington hasn’t given an official explanation, but we’re guessing it’s because the Palace completely forgot about taking her new portrait with all the fuss over her little brother Prince Louis’s arrival last week.

Welcome to life as a middle child, Charlotte.

4. We’ve got new intel on those crazy Deadpool costumes. Now please, let us pray for Ryan Reynolds’ penis.

Image: Fox/Getty

We know you've been spending your afternoon - nay, your year - wondering "how does Ryan Reynolds pee in that red all-over Deadpool costume of his?"

And we have the answer.


Unfortunately though, this information isn't going to ease your worries about the actor and his ability to pee one bit.

The 41-year-old told Entertainment Weekly that the suit caused him grief in the first movie, and is no better for the sequel.

"It was like a soft system update," he said when asked about changes to the costume. "My shin guards are shinier. I mean f*ck, who cares. Nothing that allowed me to find my penis within 20 minutes when I had to pee. No, nothing like that.

"God forbid we should just put a normal f*cking zipper in it."

We're creating the GoFundMe page for Ryan Reynold's penis this very moment.

5. Ellen made an awkward slip-up when she introduced newly-separated Jenna Dewan to the show.

It was an understandable slip of the tongue. Image: The Ellen Show.

We've been struggling with the breakup of Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum since April and it's just nice to know that all-around human legend Ellen is too.

Because like us, she is vulnerable to second-hand heartache.

However, when Ellen was introducing Jenna onto her show, she accidentally introduced her as 'Jenna Dewan Tatum' instead of 'Jenna Dewan.'

Out of habit you see.

But as expected, she handled it in a way and with an apology that somehow made us love her even more.

Watch Ellen's awkward slip up and read the rest of the story right here.

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