The first birthday gift that brings the beats.

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The first real giggles from your child are truly special, and as they grow and develop so too does your desire to keep them stimulated and happy. As a parent there is nothing better than seeing your child get joy out of their toys. It’s even better when those toys are teaching them along the way.

I’ve always been a fan of Fisher-Price toys. With baby number four on the way it’s safe to say that I’ve seen my fair share of kids stuff come and go through our house, but the one constant is the laughs that come from the Fisher-Price toys. Not only that, but they’re built to last. My third child is now playing with toys that I can clearly remember her oldest brother playing with at her age and they’re still in great condition (I wish I could say that about all kids’ toys!).

"As they grow and develop so too does your desire to keep them stimulated and happy." Image: Supplied.

So, I recently tried out Fisher-Price's new BeatBo range with my daughter. Fellow parents, if you’re on the hunt for some educational toys that will grow with your child, I’d highly recommend the BeatBo Junior, Bright Beats Buggies and Franky Beats Bat and Boogie. Not only do they keep kids occupied, but they help develop emotional intelligence, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive thinking. How, you ask? Let's take a look.

BeatBo Juniors.

There’s a reason that the original BeatBo was awarded the prestigious "Toy of the Year" award in 2015 and it’s now available in mini form making it perfect for on-the-go entertainment.

I recently discovered this first hand when I had to attend a doctor's appointment with my daughter which was scheduled a good 45 minutes after nap time. Fellow routine parents will understand the fear that can instil in even the most sturdy individual, but BeatBo Junior kept my daughter happy and occupied long enough for me to finish my appointment and actually hear what the doctor was saying!

BeatBo Junior has quickly become one of her faves. Image: Supplied.

Kids can start BeatBo's action by batting at his head, which brings him to life with lights, tunes and super cute dance moves.

So yeah, it’s a great portable distraction, but educationally, it’s also teaching thinking skills and really working those fine motor skills; allowing baby to comfortably hold and manoeuvre BeatBo around. The bright lights and fun music are fantastic for sensory development, and as I discovered, it’s also the perfect toy to incorporate into tummy time (meaning it’s great for little babies), giving them something interesting to focus on while working those muscles. I’ve already purchased another one to include in a baby shower gift.

Franky Beats Bat and Boogie.

Yep, it’s a tongue-twister but it’s also a massive crowd pleaser as I recently discovered when having some girlfriends and their little ones over for a play date.

Something was so appealing about this little guy that our smallest play date attendees got their first taste of sharing! Every one of them wanted a turn of pushing buttons, watching the lights and grooving along with the music.

These toys are always always crowd pleasers. Image: Supplied.

This is a great toy for babies and toddlers and works their fine motor skills by four light-up buttons located on Frankie’s head which, when activated, prompt learning on topics like shapes, colours and numbers.

Bright Beat Buggies.

Bright Beat Buggies are another goal-kicker in the entertainment/education toy department. The fun car-like characters develop gross motor skills by encouraging baby to crawl and interact with the toy and they’re fantastic for sensory play due to the lights and sounds which are triggered by baby pushing the friendly faces.

The buggies are another great "handbag" toy; they’re small enough to fit in an already overstuffed nappy bag but big enough for little hands to manage comfortably.

This is a toy I had to remind my other children was for their sister, because once my five year old and three year old saw how much fun the buggies were, they were racing them down the hallway.

Bright Beat Buggies are fantastic for sensory play. Image: Supplied.

This guy really was the ultimate party starter with the under-one set, and watching them dance along to the songs made for some super-cute Instagram uploads.

If you’re looking for some quality toys that will last the distance I’d highly recommend checking out the BeatBo’s range from Fisher-Price. Not only will they keep your baby engaged and interested but you’ll be providing them with some great foundations for their learning. Win, win!

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This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Fisher-Price™