The LEGO Toy Story 4 range my kid (and I) are obsessed with.

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You never grow out of your fondness for Toy Story. You never grow too old for LEGO.

When the two combine, it’s a love you can share with your children that you know will last for infinity…and beyond.

I wasn’t the only adult to go to the movies to watch Toy Story, oh no. But I’ll openly admit to crying my eyes out at the end of Toy Story 3 and I know I’m not alone in that either. The lovable characters we’d grown up with proclaimed ‘you got a friend in me’ – then vanished. We hoped it wouldn’t be the end. We waited. Oh the joy when we heard Woody, Buzz and the gang are coming back.

People of all ages are going to love the new Toy Story LEGO. Image: Supplied.

It’s double happiness that I can share the excitement of a new movie with my daughter and we can get swept up in discovering the Toy Story 4 LEGO that can bring the characters to life at home long after the last popcorn has been gobbled up in front of the big screen.

I’m not sure who could open the boxes of LEGO Toy Story 4 faster, but hey, let’s say we were both keen to get building. Ahh, the memories! Woody’s tiny little cowboy hat! Buzz’s space ranger suit! Rex’s non-functional short arms! The nostalgia is real, people.

My daughter, 5, didn’t need any help creating her LEGO sets but they were challenging enough that she didn’t build them easily in a few short minutes. Following the illustrated step-by-step instruction booklets, she proudly presented us with an intricate, interactive village of LEGO Toy Story 4 on our dining table.

My Daughter doesn't need any more help, she's ready to start building! Image: Supplied.

The sets suit ages 4+, made specifically to be fun and easy for youngsters, to grow their confidence with simple steps for a solid start to LEGO brick building. The ‘perfect start’ components in each box contain a Starter Brick baseplate for buildings or vehicles to give children that are new to LEGO the experience of creating on their own.

My daughter is at the age where LEGO is her activity – something challenging she can construct herself without having to share with her toddler brother. The familiar Toy Story characters just made the play sets another level of fun. And they’re all there – our favourite Toy Story characters we already know and love feature within the sets as Minifigures, alongside some new faces from the latest movie (why, nice to meet you, Forky!).

We have the Woody and RV set where they can race through an obstacle course of witches hats and Army soldiers; the Carnival Thrill Coaster where Buzz Lightyear and Alien can have a spin around a working rollercoaster track before stopping for some pizza at the wagon and the RV Vacation set where Jessie and Rex can take their RV to the Grand Basin campground and cook up some grilled hotdogs and toasted marshmallows – all before some sightseeing and skateboarding.

My Daughter loves the RV and taking Jessie out for spin. Image: Supplied.

My daughter can’t wait to replay some of the Toy Story 4 scenes with her LEGO but for now is using her imagination to make up her own stories to match the locations she just built. Listening to her play out scenarios with the LEGO I can’t help but think how true-to-life it was when Andy would play with his toys in the Toy Story films.

I’ve always purchased LEGO as gifts because of its ability to be passed on, but in a celebrated move – pleasing this eco-conscious mum - the RV Vacation set contains some LEGO trees made using plant-based plastic made from sugarcane. What’s not to love?

LEGO Toy Story 4 is creative, it’s fun, encourages imagination and can truly be enjoyed by the whole family.

Even better - there are a variety of different sets to choose from - including Buzz and Bo Peep's Playground Adventure, Buzz and Woody's Carnival Mania, and Duke Caboom's Stunt Show. You can find all the sets here.

Ultimately, LEGO Toy Story 4 is a toy that’s loved by all and more than deserving of a gold sheriff star.


LEGO® 4+ playsets from Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 are a great introduction to the LEGO building system, with fun learning toys offering age-appropriate build and play experiences for children aged 4 and up. LEGO 4+ playsets come with Starter Brick elements to let youngsters grow their self-confidence and experience the joy of achievement while having fun. They will thrive as they create easy-to-build LEGO building toy sets based on the Toy Story movies, spurring them on to stretch their imagination with creative play!

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