Tori Spelling's daughter was 'shattered' after finding out about mum's fake boobs.

It’s common knowledge that mother of four Tori Spelling, 42, has enhanced her… assets. It’s a hot topic of conversation on her reality TV show True Tori, particularly whether she should get her breast implants removed or not.

In a new interview with Lena Dunham, Tori opened up about the day her daughter Stella, 7, overheard her talking about her fake breasts… and the stunned reaction she received about them.

Lena Dunham (left) and Tori Spelling (right) sat down for an interview. Image: Instagram.

Lena said "We hear so much now about how Hollywood affects the body image of young girls everywhere, but if you’re a young girl and you’re growing up in Hollywood, it’s even more intense. You have two daughters: how do you think about raising them to protect them from some of the stuff that you had to deal with?"

Tori responded by saying, "It is so hard. I don’t know the right thing. I’m learning as I’m going. I have no filter, and I am like that at home. I have to watch myself. In our house, we talk about everything, really no holds barred. People are obsessed with me getting my breast implants removed because they’re recalled and expired. [Stella, age 7, overheard] and said, “Huh, your boobs aren’t real?” I was like, “Oh my God.”"

Tori says that she immediately apologised for mentioning them in front of her daughter, but admitted she told her the truth. Stella was apparently "shattered", and believed them to be real. Now the pair talk about it as a fairly open topic, with Stella even asking if she is going to get them removed for a new pair of implants.

Who knew these conversations were possible with a seven-year-old.

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