The celeb who thinks cage fighting is good entertainment for a six-year-old.

Yep, she took her kids to watch a UFC fight. Live.

Tori Spelling has made some questionable decisions in her life. Exhibit A: that boob job. Exhibit B: putting her whole life, including her husband Dean McDermott’s cheating, on reality TV. Nice home movies for their kids to watch when they grow up. Not.

But her latest decision has left me gobsmacked. Last weekend, she took two of her kids – Liam, seven, and Stella, six – to a UFC fight. UFC, in case you’ve never caught it, stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fighting in a cage. Pretty much no-holds-barred. Lots of blood.

This wasn’t some kind of “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know people would actually be hurting each other” kind of thing. This is what Tori posted on social media: “Having a great time at the #UFC fights! Stella is waiting for her idol @rondarousey She’s a mini #Rowdy in the making…”

Tori, Dean and kids on their family outing. Via Instagram.

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is a legend in UFC. Sometimes she dislocates another woman's elbow while winning a fight. I'm all for having a tough woman as a role model for girls, but this goes a little beyond that.

Tori's fans were divided. Some attacked her, one claiming she was "submitting her children to violence". But more than 8,000 people just "liked" the pic.

Can we just stop for a minute and say there is something very wrong here?

My husband is a fan of UFC. But he never watches it on TV when the kids are around, and he would never, ever take the kids to see it live.

I couldn't care less if my children hear swearing on a TV show. I don't even care if they see a bit of nudity (they spent the first two years of their lives seeing my nipples in extreme close-up). But I don't think it's okay to let children sit and watch violence.

Major parenting fail, Tori. Image via Instagram.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who say, "Well, we watched all those Road Runner cartoons and cops-and-robbers shows when we were growing up and it never hurt us."

Well, it probably did.

A generation ago, people used to see domestic violence as a private matter between a husband and a wife.

A few years ago, no one seemed to care about guys getting king-hit by drunken thugs at the pub.

And the recent case of a Queensland politician slapping his child's head at a cafe proved that some people still think violence against kids is okay.

Tori, I'm calling it. Major parenting fail.

Or am I overreacting here?

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