Tori Spelling was just proposed to in Paris, for the third time.

Tori Spelling probably thought she was seeing things when her husband proposed to her for the third time in under 10 years. Was it a flashback? Deja vu?

But she wasn’t.

It just genuinely was the third time Dead McDermott had got down on one knee and proposed to the reality television star.


So were we. Let us elaborate just a tad.

Last week, McDermott, 49, got down on one knee and presented Spelling, 42, with another engagement ring in front of their children—Liam, 9, Stella, 7,Hattie, 4, and Finn, 3 in Paris.

According to E! News, McDermott organised with the owners of Cafe de L’homme (which overlooks the Eiffel Tower, no less) to have the terrace reserved fit for a proposal.

“The four kids and I were so surprised and so happy. It’s been a rough few years and this was a perfect family moment for unity and love!”

A rough few years would be quite the understatement, with the couple enduring a very high-profile cheating scandal from McDermott’s end. The duo documented their struggle to keep their marriage afloat on Spelling’s reality show True Tori throughout 2014.

It’s not the first time the couple have experienced drama in their relationship, with McDermott first proposing on Christmas Eve in 2005 after the duo initially got together while they both were married to other people. They married the following May.

McDermott proposed to Spelling again on Christmas day in 2006 for reasons we actually don’t quite understand and which probably falls into the category of things-famous-people-do-we-don’t-undertsand-but-they-get-away-with-anyway.


So there, that’s 3. Our maths is correct.

Overall, Spelling believes their relationship is much stronger today than it has ever been.

“We had to deconstruct our relationship,” Spelling reflected on the Today show last month.

“We really did, and I feel like we’re kind of turning monogamy on its head, flipping it and being like, ‘Well […] through some fighting we’ve been told what life should be, what marriage should be.'”

And now, they want to do it all again.

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