Word nerds are up in arms about the grammar on this Topshop T-shirt.

While one may rightly question the wisdom of purchasing a purposefully distressed T-shirt with a hole in the neck in the first place, buyers of a new Topshop tee probably have more to worry about than over-exposed collarbones.

The millennial pink garment is missing a little something, you see.

Can you pick what it is?

Source: Nordstrom

The text on the shirt is supposed to "let him down easy", apparently, but if he's a word nerd worth his salt he'll likely be out the door of his own accord.

It reads: "Its not you its me".

More attention to detail, please. Source: Nordstrom

Now, it would be unwise to chastise someone for a simple typo, but the thing about this particular grammar gaffe is it undoubtedly passed under several sets of eyes before it wound up on the website of a popular fashion label.

At the risk of grammar-splaining, it's is a contraction of it is, whereas its, sans apostrophe, is possessive.

In this particularly heinous example, two apostrophes have gone completely walkabouts. Sigh.

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Imagine the gall you'd need to pull off a break up with a sassy slogan T-shirt that's not even been well edited.

Shame on you, whoever you are.