Your easy guide to the 2016 Olympics events you can't miss.

The 2016 Olympic Games are upon us and things are about to get lit in Rio Di Janeiro.

Ready your throat and repeat after me: Aussie, Aussie Aussie. Oi. Oi. OI!

If you’re like us and a bit overwhelmed by the endless events and the incredible scope of athletic talent, we have compiled a list of the must-see events of this year’s games.

1. The opening ceremony. Saturday August 6. 9am.

If anyone knows how to throw a good party, it’s the Brazilians – Carnivale anyone? – and the opening ceremony is sure to put the vibrancy and colour of the local culture on display.

Superstar cyclist Anna Meares will be flying the flag for the Aussie team as they march in to Rio’s Maracana stadium.

2. The Mighty Matildas. Day 2. August 7th. 7am.

They may not have gotten off to the best start with Canada but we’re still waltzing for our Matildas.

The Aussies will face Germany on day 2 of the games in a match that will hopefully see them relive their glory of last year’s Women’s World Cup where they triumphed over Brazil 1- 0.

3. Gymnastics. Days 3 – 11. August 8th – 16th. 5am – 8am.

There is something powerfully addictive about watching the pure strength of the world’s best gymnasts. This year all eyes will be on 19-year-old American Simone Biles who will be competing to add some more gold to her heavily decorated trophy cabinet.

Biles is a three-times World Champion and a definite one to watch.

4. Beach volleyball. Day 3-16.

Next to soccer, beach volleyball is about as ‘Rio’ as a sport can get. Throw in a 15,000-seat stadium and world-class athletes, and you’ve got yourself a must-see Olympic event.

Aussie fans should keep an eye out for Taliqua Clancy and Louise Bawden – two of our best hopes.

5. The ‘Grateful Eight’ rowers. Day 4. Tuesday 9 August. Heats from 9:30am.

Our women’s eight crew were in a pub when they got the news that the Russians had been banned and it was time to pack their bags.


This one’s got all the makings of an Aussie sporting legend. Be sure to tune in and see how it ends.

5. The Australian sisters face off in 100m freestyle. Day 7. Friday 12 August. 11am-1pm.

Queensland sisters Cate and Bronte Campbell are the ones to watch this year as they battle it out in the 100m freestyle. Cate currently holds the world record for the 100m, while Bronte is the world champion.

The women’s 100m is being called Australia’s safest gold medal.

6. Men’s Swimming showdown.

200m medley: Day 7. August 12th. 11am – 1pm.
100m butterfly: Day 8 August 13th. 11am – 1pm.

All eyes will be on the water this year as US swimming legend Michael Phelps returns for his fifth Olympics.

He currently holds 22 Olympic medals for his pool performance, including 18 gold.

He is the first male to attend five Olympic games.

Phelps is gunning to win the 100m butterfly and the 200m medley for the fourth time – something no swimmer has ever achieved.

7. Anna Meares. Day 9. Sunday August 14. 5-7:30am.

This might be your last chance to catch Anna Meares step on to an Olympic podium.

A dead-set legend of Australian track cycling, Meares’ best shot at gold (and her sixth Olympic medal!) is the keirin.

 8. Usain Bolt’s last Olympic sprint. Day 10. August 15th. 11:25 am.

The 29-year-old Jamaican superstar told Agence France Presse in May that these games would be his last.

Bolt has his eyes set on three gold medals at the Rio de Janeiro games.

He currently holds six gold medals and the world record for the fastest 200 metres at 19.19 seconds.

“I’ve said the only big thing, big time I want to run is the 200 metres,” he said.


“I’d love to try to go sub-19. That’s the only thing I would really, really want because that’s one of my goals.”

9. Men’s Hockey final. Day 14. Friday 19 August 6am.

The Australian men’s hockey team have been the best team in the world since London, so we’re hoping it’s a green light for gold.

10. Women’s Basketball final. Day 16. Women’s final. 21st August. 4:30am.

The Australian women’s team have won FIVE medals in the games but are yet to cross their palms with gold.

The team took home the bronze in London, so hopefully this year is our year for gold.

Just remember: the Americans have been undefeated since 1992.

11. Identical Estonian triplets compete for women’s marathon glory.

Identical Estonian Triplets Leila, Liina and Lily Luik will be competing against one another in the women’s marathon.

The 30-year-old sisters only took up serious distance running six years ago. The sisters adopted the slogan “Trio to Rio” in hopes of securing a place in the much-awaited games.

They may not be Aussies, but they’re definitely the kind of determined young women we can get behind!

12. Closing ceremony. Monday 22 August. 10am.

The cauldron is snuffed and Rio takes a final bow, as the baton is passed to the next host nation – Japan.

The 2020 Olympics will be staged in the capital, Tokyo.

Remember our unforgettable uniforms….