A doctor has just 'fessed up on the top five issues women are confused about.

How tired are you right now?

Do you blame your weight or mood on your hormones, and put up with periods so heavy you feel drained?

Dr Ginni Mansberg says women are more confused than ever, particularly when it comes to body issues specific to women’s health.  And despite the fact we are exposed to plenty of information about our bodies and our health, the author and co-host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under says there are five issues that repeatedly come up in her clinic.

Dr. Ginni Mansberg talks to Alissa Warren about the body issues most women are confused about. Article continues…

The Sunrise and Morning Show resident doctor detailed them in the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast, saying there are often simple solutions to the big five worries.

They are:

1. Sleep

Why Am I So Tired was the first book written by Dr. Ginni, ten years ago and she says it’s still one of the biggest struggles for the women she treats. Her first question to them is always, “Are you sleeping?”

“If you don’t sleep you probably will feel tired but there are a whole lot of other medical problems. If it’s short-term, a virus?” She says longer term causes of fatigue may be iron deficiency, thyroid problems and depression (although she’s careful to point out that not all people who are tired are depressed).

2. Hormones

“I think women blame their hormones for a lot of stuff that are not hormone related at all,” Dr. Ginni says and that includes everything from weight to moods.

In her book How to Handle Your Hormones she says it is possible for hormones to contribute to weight gain but the only way to know for sure is to consult your doctor and ask for a blood test.

Dr. Ginni says women are confused about everything from their boobs to their hormones. Image: iStock

3. Periods

So many women think heavy periods are normal, Dr. Ginni says. "I think that's quite sad."

"They're incredibly iron deficient and don't realise the periods are not normal," she explains, however, there are many causes and therefore many solutions to the problem so a woman's period doesn't interfere with her quality of life.

4. Boobs

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in Australia according to the Cancer Council Australia so it's understandable that we are so worried about it. Dr. Ginni says many of her patients share this fear.

"A lot of women get really painful boobs and they're really worried about breast cancer."

She told Sunrise regular mammograms and ultrasounds are important because only 50 percent of women find breast cancer by feeling a lump or through their doctor feeling a lump.

5. Weight

Dr. Ginni says many of her female patients are concerned about their weight and are clueless as to why they continue to struggle with it.

"I think there are so many women who struggle with their weight and can't really work out why it's happening and there actually are some pretty legit medical problems that can actually increase your weight and a lot of these women have got no idea."

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