When you hit this age, you stop listening to ANY new music.

A study say you ‘begin your slow march to death.’ Musically speaking, that is.

We hope you like the music you currently have on your iPod.

Because if you’re 33-years-old, an online study based on US usage of Spotify has found that it’s basically all downhill from here. Once we hit this age, we stop listening to new music altogether.

Sorry. No more top 40 songs for you, it’s golden oldies for the golden oldies.

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The study, from technology blog Skynet and Ebert, looked at the data for each Spotify listener in the US, and compared age and demographics to a list of the average popularity of music streamed in 2014.

What I found was that, on average:

  • While teens’ music taste is dominated by incredibly popular music, this proportion drops steadily through peoples’ 20s, before their tastes “mature” in their early 30s.
  • Men and women listen similarly in their their teens, but after that, men’s mainstream music listening decreases much faster than it does for women.
  • At any age, people with children (inferred from listening habits) listen to a smaller amounts of currently-popular music than the average listener of that age.

This is explains why I have no idea who Iggy Izalea is, and why I didn’t “discover” Taylor Swift until this video went viral.

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On one level, perhaps, this quite liberating. Previously I felt behind the times, like I was lagging behind all the cool kids.

But now! Now we have ‘scientific’ evidence that everyone my age is behind the times and lagging behind all the cool kids.

It’s like a secret club we’re all in… so secret we didn’t even know.

But from now on, it’s all The Cranberries, Regurgitator, U2 and Third Eye Blind up in my iTunes.

And I don’t even care.

Who are you listening to right now? I’ve got some old skool Jamiroquai in my ears this very minute.

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