The modern baby names making a comeback this year.

There seems to be a lot of celebrity influence.

Out with the old and in with the new – that’s what’s going to be happening with our baby names this year. It seems there’s a few modern names making the top list now.

Ok so 12 modern names have made the top 1000, but we reckon that’s a pretty good indication that they’re going to keep climbing the ladder.

These come from the Social Security Administration’s list of the top 1000 baby names – debuts and returns. A name made it on the list if at least 205 newborn boys or 262 newborn girl got that name. There were between 34 and 44 names (between boys and girls) that made this years list that hadn’t made last years.

There’s names inspired by some very famous Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (the name: Anniston).

Jennifer Aniston is having an influence.

Even Star Wars has influenced the names on the list, with Anakin making it in the top contenders.

Anakin from Star Wars.

So if you're after a new, modern, very cool baby name make sure you check out the new 12 baby names that have made it in to the top 1000.

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