The top ten Christmas movies you need to watch these holidays.

Christmas can be rough for everybody, but the hardest part of the holidays is deciding which movies to watch.

Trust us, the debate over which films should make it onto our “Best Christmas Movies of All Time” list divided the Mamamia office. We may never talk again.

Prepare yourself. Image via 20th Century Fox.

It turns out, not everybody loves Love Actually. A lot of people refuse to watch The Family Stone. When it comes to Christmas movies, we just can't agree.


We've had some fights before. But that was basically nothing... nothing at all, friends.

Because when we went around the office to compile this list it turned into goddamn World War Three.

World Wars Four, Five and Six followed swiftly.

We actually tried to publish this list three Christmases ago. The last 36 months have been spent fighting about which movies deserve to be on it. Both physically and mentally.

Mamamia office security footage from last Christmas. Image via Paramount Pictures.

I've barely slept. There was a rough eight months in the middle there where I hired an armed guard. Let's just say I openly expressed that Elf  should take out the No. 1 spot.

I love you. Image credit Warner Bros.

I-... I shouldn't even be talking about it. I can't say any more. For my own safety.

*Looks over shoulder*.

In all seriousness, these are great movies.

But? It's absolutely obvious no matter how we sell this list, there's gon' be hella fighting. We're sorry if you find this list AT ALL OFFENSIVE.


Feel free to throw stones (or rocks) at us. And each other.

We tried guys... we tried.

Merry Christmas.