"Sorry Mum and Dad, the jig is up."

The moment your child realises the Tooth Fairy is you.

Oh, the joys of childhood.

When behaving meant more (and better) presents from Santa.

When a bunny shared his stash of chocolate eggs.

And when a little fairy flew into your room, lifted your heavy head off your pillow, just to replace your (slightly disgusting) tooth with some cash.

But what happens when that is all over. What happens when your child realises that Santa, the Easter Bunny, and even the Tooth Fairy is you.

Well for one nine-year-old, called Lexi, this is what happens.

Lexi carefully crafted a note to her parents that probably had them to tears that their little girl is all grown up (and probably about to fall in love with One Direction).

In case you can't make out the scrawl, here is the contents of the heart-breaking letter.

Dear "Tooth Fairy",

1st heart break:

I don't believe in the tooth fairy any more. I know it's you who gets the money and puts it under my pillow, Mom and Dad. I'm sorry if this is hard for you, but I'm 9 now.

2nd heart break:

(P.S. I don't believe in Santa Claus either.)

Love, Lexi.

And just in case her parents had some hope...

P.S. Daddy, I knew it was you last Easter, hiding my Easter eggs!

One of our writers recently wrote a post on how she thinks the idea of Santa is a cruel joke on kids - which got many parents fired up. So, we can only imagine how hard this news was on Lexi's parents.

When did you stop believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa or the Easter Bunny?

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