A beauty salon owner has put an age restriction on spray tanning. But how young is too young?

There is no doubt that fake tanning is a big part of being an Australian teenager.

There’s also no doubt that our younger selves loved a good wash of colour to the point where the pre-party tan was a very well-cemented ritual, with the “accidentally over tanning your legs”, and that “streaky fade” from the budget tanner you thought would ‘do the trick’ practically rites of passage.

And then we discovered the magic of the spray tan – a bit exxier, but streak free and super easy to apply. I.e. you do nothing, which meant that trips to the salon were reserved for big events only, like school formals, and very important parties.

However, it turns out that girls as young as 14 also want to get bronzed up.

But how young is too young for a spray tan?

This was the exact question that confounded hosts Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo on this week’s episode of This Glorious Mess, after listener Charlotte, who owns a beauty salon, got in touch about parents getting angry at her ‘no spray tans before 15’ rule.

It turns out it’s a lot more complicated then a yes or no.

Listen: Holly and Andrew discuss whether you should be a certain age before you get a spray tan. Post continues after audio.

Holly says there should be a no spray tan policy until they’re 16-18, but what makes the desire for a spray tan any more different then girls straightening their hair or using makeup?

While social media doesn’t help – with tanned, and bronzed girls dominating Instagram timelines, isn’t it, as Holly says “character building to have to learn to just deal with stuff?”

And isn’t it better for young girls to be forced into accepting their flaws, then have the ability to instantly change it?

At least until they’re 18, at which point, they can do whatever they please.

But what do you think? Is there an age where teenagers should be allowed to get a spray tan, or should they have to deal with being a bit ‘pasty’ till their 18? Tell us below!

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