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"I was drunk and crying." All the behind-the-scenes gossip from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle in one place.

Okay okay.

Who saw Too Hot To Handle on their Netflix recommendations page and scoffed, and then nek minute you’ve blinked and watched all eight episodes and are frantically googling if Harry and Francesca are still together?


It’s the trashy reality TV child of Big Brother and Love Island that we’ve all been secretly binging in one sitting, because heck, direct us to a show more perfectly crafted for self isolation. (It’s like they knew we’d be locked down in a pandemic unable to touch or be with the people we love.)

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. Post continues below.

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So, after smashing through all eight episodes, you’re hungry for more, yes?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the sleuthing for you and searched the internet for any little morsels of gossip we can find.

There’s only one couple (allegedly) still standing.

Obvious question: which couples are still together?

We have dedicated a whole article to this topic, because #important, which you can read here.

But to summarise, Harry and Francesca appear to have broken up after giving it a red hot go.

They both posted photos in each other’s respective towns (LA and Queensland), but by Valentine’s Day they were posting blatant burns.

“As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s a good time to think about relationships and how it’s two people coming together to solve problems you wouldn’t have if you were just single,” wrote Harry.


“Happy V day to everyone getting drunk w their friends tonight & NOT texting their exes,” said Francesca.


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happy V day to everyone getting drunk w their friends tonight & NOT texting their exs ;) @rosaii_ ♥️♥️

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David and Lydia weren’t actually an official couple by the end of the show, but there was potential. That… flopped.


David’s been posting about the fact his “DMs will be open 24 hours for applications” and Lydia appears to be hanging out on fellow contestant Bryce’s boat (?!).


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“Have you seen my beer?” ????????

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As for Sharron and Rhonda, there is a very strong possibility they are still together. But neither are giving enough away on their social media profiles for us to come to a definitive conclusion.

Harry has WON another dating show.

Australian contestant Harry Jowesy has in fact already been on a dating show… and won.

In 2018, he appeared on New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island, and won $100,000 with the girlfriend he met on the show, Georgia Bryers.


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Big smiles from our winners @harryjowsey and @georgiabryers! Congrats you two! ????????????

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They split up after six months because she “didn’t appreciate girls commenting on his Instagram pictures,” reports The Sun. 

Harry told Mail Online, “I definitely think that going on this second show it was a way easier decision because I knew exactly what I was getting into”.

Some contestants got ‘approached’.

More than 3000 people auditioned for the show, but while Harry admits he sent in an application, Francesca says she was approached and told that she was going “somewhere tropical with a bunch of other single people”.

“I was actually reached out to via Instagram DM by one of the producers. I get messages like this all the time but the way that she was explaining it, it seemed kind of legit, so I hopped on a Skype call with her,” she told Esquire.

auditions Too Hot to handle
3000 people auditioned for the show. Image: Netflix.

Nicole told Collider, "We had different interviews with the team, and they were asking us, ‘Okay, your ideal date? When would you sleep with someone? After what kind of date? Are you into partying?"

From the start, it was a "global pitch" which is what suited Netflix's platform, and when the contestants all landed for filming in Mexico in April 2019, they just thought it was going to be a dating show - a bit Love Island-esque.

FYI, we tracked down the villa that hosted the show.

Casa Tau's private villa in Punta Mita retails at $15,660 a night. Wow.

The show was inspired by Seinfeld. 

Creative director and show developer Laura Gibson told, the idea for the show came from Seinfeld's The Contest episode, where the characters try to resist masturbating for a cash prize.

"None of them can actually do it, and so they actually all lose the money. And I thought, 'There's a TV format in that'," Gibson said.

Too Hot To Handle is inspired by the Seinfeld episode "The Contest." Image: Seinfeld.

She was also inspired by the brutality of dating-app culture telling Vanity Fair: "It seems like people get their dicks out within two messages on Tinder... I was like, surely love doesn’t have to start with a dick pic".

The inspiration behind "Lana" the talking robot thing, was a mix between Mary Poppins and Ellen DeGeneres.

We don't actually know who belongs to the disembodied voice, but Lisa told OprahMag she's supposed to be like "Alexa's cheeky older sister".


Harry and Francesca cried when they couldn't have sex.

The whole 'no hooking up rule' came as a complete surprise to the contestants, with Harry telling Cosmopolitan he and Francesca actually cried when they found out.

"I was drunk and crying. I was a mess," he said.

"The group thought it was hilarious. I was traumatised," added Francesca.

harry and francesca
Francesca and Harry managed to get a kiss in before the rules were announced. Image: Netflix.

Chloe, on the other hand, told ET she was kind of relieved when they were told about the rule.

"When I heard that we were not allowed to kiss, a part of me was glad because I don’t want my nan or my mum to see me do rumpy bumpy on the TV. It was very exciting, but it was a bit of a bummer at the same time," she said.

David slept on the floor.

Yes there was a bedroom, but the whole sharing beds situation was... tight.

David told Cosmopolitan, "On a couple of nights I just needed a bit more space, so I ended up just snoozing on the floor, like completely spread eagle".

David Too Hot To handle
This is David on night one. After a while he ended up on the floor - wanting a bit more space to spread out. Image: Netflix.

They could have (if desperate) relieved themselves in the bathroom.

According to the creators, they discussed at length how much it might cost for a sexual act before they started filming, but they didn't actually decide until they were on set in Mexico.

"We knew that the infractions had to be fair and uniform across the board. So a kiss was always $3,000, but maybe in another [season], if another [season] happens, then it could be another amount," series producer Louise Peet told People, about how they came up with the rules.

In terms of the no self-gratification rule, Louise says technically they could have gotten away with it.

For example in the toilet, "we just got them [producers] to listen," she explained.

cameras in the shower
There were cameras on the showers, but apparently producers only 'listened' when they were in the toilet. Image: Netflix.

"Unfortunately for them, [they] had to start deciphering what different levels of breathing meant. I.e., was it an innocent trip to the bathroom, or something else? Best leave that to people’s imagination! We just had people watching 24/7," she added.


As for the final prize money being split amongst the remaining group, that was also something that happened organically during filming.

"There’s a variety of ways it could have gone, but this felt really fitting for our series," Lisa told People.

They had a personal chef. 

"It was the best food I ever had in my life," Harry told Oprahmag."I have dreams about that food."

Nicole was of the same opinion telling Collider, "For breakfast we'd have huge fry-ups, french toast, pancakes. Lunch would be just steak. We had steak all the time. Same with dinner... lovely chicken. It was amazing".

While we never saw the contestants eating, their meals were prepared by a personal chef who cooked food on order.

According to Harry, they could even request things like deep-fried Oreos.

But while the food was unlimited, alcohol was not.

"We only got served in moderation," Rhonda told Oprahmag. "It wasn't like we were wilding out."

alcohol on too hot to handle
Food was endless (and amazing) but alcohol was moderated. Image: Netflx.

The producers told them to do certain things. 

This is probably a given, but to reiterate - yes, some of the drama was staged.

As Harry told Cosmo, the producers would "point you in the right direction," or "nudge you" to have a certain conversation.

I mean, it wouldn't be reality TV without a little behind-the-scenes meddling, right?

Feature image: Netflix.