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To all the men who think their penis is too big to wrap up.

“I would love to wear a condom, but I’m just too big for it.”

This line was uttered to a woman from Mamamia on the weekend. Queue the loud scoffs and exasperated sighs. The sceptical question was asked: “can you ever be too big for a condom?”

Thankfully, the internet has your back. With a single tweet, 18-year-old Emily White from Utah has put to bed the myth that condoms can ever be too small for your partner’s wang.

According to MTV, White says she’s an advocate for sexual education “through my research and the projects that I’ve presented in various classes at my school”.

Her work is particularly important because, as she says, “the state (Utah) doesn’t allow teaching contraceptive methods in schools.”

White’s tweet has since between retweeted over 14,000 times and favourited over 13,000 times.

But for all those people who were still slightly confused about what White was getting at, she clarified her point nicely in a follow up tweet.

When she’s not promoting the benefits and uses of condoms to Twitter and beyond, she’s providing useful tips about sex in language that everyone can understand:

Not only that, she lays down some truth bombs with more generic tweets about racism and life in general:

Emily, please keep up the hilarious and educational work.

And just because we’re talking about penises, here are a few accidental penises to brighten your life:

h/t Buzzfeed.

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