Two months after their awkward on-air moment, Tony Jones has responded to Bec Judd's baby news.

Channel 9’s Tony Jones was involved in one of this year’s most awkward live TV moments.

In early August, weather presenter Rebecca Judd was about to go on maternity leave when Jones got a little bit confused about the appropriate way to bid a heartfelt farewell to a colleague on national television.

He went in for a non-reciprocated kiss, and left the following image imprinted in our minds forever:

GOD NO. Image via Channel 9.

Almost two months later, it seems even Jones himself hasn't forgotten the moment.


Earlier this afternoon Judd gave birth to identical twin boys, Tom and Darcy, and the sports presenter tweeted a topical message of congratulations for the mum-of-four.

"Well done," he wrote. "Can't wait to give you a big... handshake."


Thank you Tony Jones, for understanding the value of good old-fashioned handshake to show someone how you feel.

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