Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson met up for coffee, and we have so many questions.

Politics is something many of us struggle to understand at the best of times.

But it becomes even more complicated when two sworn enemies have coffee together and act as though it’s the most NORMAL THING THAT EVER HAPPENED.

You see, Pauline Hanson and Tony Abbott had coffee recently and have shared the evidence on Facebook, much to all of our confusion. It’s bizarre because Pauline Hanson has previously publicly accused Tony Abbott of being responsible for her three-year prison sentence in 2003, of which she served 11 weeks before the conviction was overturned.

She said she “detested” Abbott and John Howard, as she believes they bankrolled the court proceedings that led to her jail time.

So, her simple cup of coffee with Tony Abbott begs a lot of questions. Like:

Why are you two hanging out?

What did you talk about?

What coffee did you have?

Was it poisoned?

Did you also share some baked goods?

What are you… planning?

But perhaps the most pressing question we have about the entire situation is: If Pauline Hanson can change her mind about Tony Abbott, what else can she change her mind on?

Speaking to 60 Minutes about her feud with the politician, she said, “You can’t live on hate.”

No, Pauline. No, you cannot.