Tony Abbott threw a 'just got fired' party. Things got out of hand.

Our ex-PM may have had a few flaws, but he sure knows how to party.

Tony Abbott, who had a pretty bad week at work last week (cough *gotfiredasPrimeMinister* cough) celebrated his loss in the same manner that footballers celebrate after their final game of the season.

By going batshit crazy on beers.

Right, Tones?

Reportedly, Tony took his staff BFFs and managed to put the ‘party’ in ‘Liberal party’.


According to the Sunday Telegraph, Tony and his party pals made quite a scene. A marble coffee table in the PM’s suite was supposedly smashed during the hearty partying, with a few staff members even taking home broken pieces as souvenirs.

One of the party animals, Jamie Briggs (Assistant Minister for Infrastructure), showed up the next morning in a wheelchair with an injury to his leg. He claims it was an injury from his morning jog… though we suspect he might mean ‘2.a.m drunken jog to Maccas’.


Tony took his shirt off. Classy. Nothing says ‘party’ like a jilted PM ripping off his clothes. We don’t have any photos of the incident, but we imagined it looked like this:

“How do you like me now?”
Or this…
And probably a few reactions like this.
And maybe a bit of this.

He sure can party. Enjoy that hangover, Tony. It might be around for a while.