A 22-year-old Toni Collette had a very awkward moment while filming Muriel's Wedding.

When Toni Collette was filming what soon became an Australian cult-classic, and propelled her to the highest highs of stardom, she had no sense of what was to come.

It was 1994, Collette was just 22 and starring in her second ever film.

In an appearance on chat show Watch What Happens Live Collette said starring in the film was a “delicious experience” for a rookie actress like herself.

“It absolutely changed my life, but when we were making it I had no idea if there was even going to be an audience. It was only my second movie and I was having fun, I was having the time of my life,” she said.

But with the inevitable - and life-changing - highs, came the odd awkward moment that didn't make it to her screens.

When asked on the show about a distinct low light, 20 years on, Collette had one front of mind.

“I remember they changed the shooting day ... My period was due. I had to wear that white, very tight suit to do the Waterloo dance. But my period jumped and just went with it. That was confronting, that was confronting,” she told the show.

One can only imagine why.

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