Sylvia Jeffreys just showed us how to nail the biggest winter fashion trend.

Today Show presenter Sylvia Jeffreys knows how to have fun with her style.

Case in point? An outfit she pulled out this week.

“If you’re not matching your juice to your nails and your threads you’re not doing it right… right? I’m Ron Burgundy…? Happy Monday,” she captioned her Instagram snap.

While pointing out the coordination of her Scanlan Theodore blouse, manicure and morning juice was tongue in cheek, Jeffreys has actually given a nod (and nailed) winter’s biggest fashion trend – tonal dressing. Even better, it’s one anyone can do.


Hear us out.

Tonal or monochromatic dressing involves dressing head to toe in all one colour. (Yes, you can also just call it ‘wearing one colour’).

Far from boring, it’s simple, striking and a godsend for lazy dressers or those mornings where you roll out of bed late and have no time to put together a complete let alone street style-worthy outfit.

But it’s not just boring black or looking like you’re a toddler dressed by mum. The trick is to go for different shades (or “tones”) of the same colour to create an easy outfit that a) looks much more complex and b) much more expensive than it actually is.

Clearly burgundy is a thing this winter. Image: Brittany Stewart.

No longer do you have to worry about whether this print or colour goes with that - the fact that they're all have the same colour in common means the answer is always yes (and gives you much more time to snooze. Bonus).

The perfect monochromatic outfit will bring the interest by mixing textures - think a knit with silk or suede bottoms or a mix of sheer and opaque materials.

Ever wondered why when fashion people wear all black they look utterly chic but when we try to recreate it at home we just look a bit slobby? The secret is this clever contrast in texture.

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No colour is exempt. Whether you love your greys, burgundys or even your pinks, reds and yellows, it's a trend you can channel with whatever is already in your wardrobe. Winter is the perfect time for this trend thanks to the constant need to layer to deal with the cooler temperatures.

While it's typically using block colours, if you're feeling brave you can incorporate a bold print - just ensure the dominant colour is the one you match with other pieces.


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So next time you want to make an impact or you simply overslept, forget the "rule" that matching all your clothes is something to be avoided and instead go all out and do exactly that. It's #fashun, after all.