ROAD TEST: The nappy bin that fits up to 30 nappies without stinking out your house.

Tommee Tippee
Thanks to our brand partner, Tommee Tippee

Let’s be real – a baby nursery can look beautiful but smell anything but.

Considering you’re spending so much time in there with your (regularly pooing) new baby, you really don’t want it to be smelling like nappies all the time.

I didn’t think I needed a special nappy bin until I was asked to try the Tommee Tippee Twist & Click nappy disposal system (hear that, folks? It’s a “system”, not just a “bin”).

Living in an apartment without a bin chute means we make frequent trips to the bin room at all hours of the day – not to mention the awkwardness when we bump into a neighbour during nappy evacuation. Oh boy.

The Tommee Tippee Twist & Click nappy bin offers a solution to help us dispose of dirty nappies in a convenient, hygienic, odourless way, with less trips downstairs.

Here’s how it works:

Getting started

tommee tippee twist and click
Hello, space-age nappy bin. Image: Supplied.

The Twist & Click nappy bin is easy to set up. The disposal system comes with one cassette containing a long continuous bag for nappies.

Simply tie a knot in the bag, hook it to the removable plunger lid which holds the plastic film cassette and click the system in place and you’re ready to go.

When the bin is full, use the cutter blade to cut film - it’s tucked away safely inside the bin meaning you don’t have to use sharp objects around baby or the nursery. To access the cassette, you have to release the safety lock first.

Each cassette should last up to a month (depending on how much film you use) and installing a new cassette is easy too. Remove the plunger lid from the base unit, unhook the knot and drop it into the base.


Pull additional film through and the bin is back in action for another round.

The refills are economical and can be purchased individually or in packs of three or six. They’re kinder to the environment being made from 98 per cent recycled plastic.

Hygienic and odourless

tommee tippe twist and click
Get ready to wrap up those smells. Image: Supplied.

The Twist & Click holds up to 30 nappies so you don’t have to empty it every day. But wait... won't the room smell gross?

Look, it actually does a good job of containing the smells. The bin not only locks in the smell of nappies, but the antibacterial Sangenic film kills germs and harmful bacteria like E. coli and staphylococcus aureus, so your baby's room in safe. Big plus.

The system twists and wraps each nappy individually to seal in odour, locking away poop stench and germs. It's genius.

tommee tippee twist and click
TA-DAH! Image: Supplied.

Smart and stylish

So the odour control part works, but does the nappy bin look good in a nursery? It's slimline and compact, so it blends nicely into any modern or fun room, as it has in my baby's nursery.

Its sleek design complements any décor and you can place it against a wall or in a corner. And for those parents who like to colour co-ordinate, it comes in three colours: pink, blue and white.

tommee tippee twist and click
Tommee Tippee's hiding between the teddies in Teddy's nursery. Image: Supplied.

Another important factor is that it’s easy to empty and clean. The baby-proof lid makes it safe for crawlers and toddlers (in case you're worrying about them raiding the bin and causing pure chaos).

When you're changing countless nappies every day, it’s important to have a change area which contains everything you need to clean up, change and dispose of the nappy within an arm-length.

Perfectly practical

If you're a new parent or expecting an addition to your family, you'll be dealing with a lot of number twos, every single day. The stinky nappies can start smelling up your bin. But it doesn't have to.

Tommee Tippee’s Twist & Click really works. The ultimate test? I’ve spent less trips going to the bin room, and more time with my baby in a less smelly nursery.

Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Disposal System's recommended retail price is $49.95.

Tommee Tippee

Designed to complement nurseries whatever your style, the Twist & Click is available in a range of three on-trend shades: Cotton White, Cloud Blue and Gentle Pink. It is slim-line and compact, comfortably slotting into rooms of all shapes and sizes, and a new flat lid enables opening against any wall.