Tom Hiddleston just got asked about Taylor Swift. And it was so awkward.

Being the younger, evil brother of Chris Hemsworth was never going to be easy. But it seems dating one of the most photographed women in the world has hardly been a walk in the park for actor Tom Hiddleston either.

Taking part in a Facebook Live interview with the Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, 35-year-old Hiddleston – who plays Loki, the evil younger brother of Thor – was asked a series of questions about the recently released series The Night Manager and being a part of the hugely successful Marvel movie series.

Things were going well.

Hiddleston with Swift (left). Source: Taylor Swift / Instagram

Hiddleston was full of passion and carrying the conversation oh so well.

But inevitably, as they were almost always guaranteed to, viewer questions rolled in about his relationship with Taylor Swift.

And boy oh boy was Hiddleston's response awkward.

"This summer has been a high profile one for you personally," the Facebook question began. "What have you learned about the culture of high profile celebrity?"

Taking a moment to shift in his chair, Hiddleston simply replied, "wow."

tom hiddleston taylor swift

Hiddleston and Swift arriving in Australia. Source: Getty

Then after fumbling through a series of half sentences Hiddleston continued, "well, you know, it's interesting. We all live in a world where every phone has a camera."

That we do, Hiddy. That we do.

Continuing on, Hiddleston said that the glare of the media spotlight is nothing new, acknowledging, "that's what happens when you're a public figure."

Hiddleston trying his hardest to not mention she who must not be named. Post continues... 

Video by The Hollywood Reporter

Clearly still stumped by the question though, the Wallander star continued to ruminate on the question, eventually responding, "I've learned that there are many sides to a story and that sometimes there are a lot of stories out there which are false. And the hardest thing is to not let those falsehoods effect your own life."

Following a highly publicised month of romance with Swift, which saw the couple spend time together in the US, UK, Italy and Australia, Hiddleston has been keeping quiet on the set of his upcoming film while Swift has returned to her home in the US.

Hiddleston in costume as Loki last week. Source: Tom Hiddleston / Instagram.

But in what we can only assume is a bid to stay in touch, Hiddleston joined Instagram last week, with one of his first followers being none other than T-Swizz.

So basically, long distance love isn't dead. It just lives in the DM section of your social media accounts.