Tom Hiddleston answers our biggest question about his relo with Taylor Swift.

A lot happened to Tom Hiddleston in 2016.

The 35-year-old British actor made a name for himself in the critically acclaimed BBC series The Night Manager, was awarded Rear or the Year for his efforts, and for a brief, shining moment was Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

Hiddleston addressed the former of those achievements (and look, probably the others too) in a revealing interview in the latest issue of GQ magazine.

tom hiddleston taylor swift
Hiddleswift we hardly knew ye. Getty Images

In regards to his very famous ex-girlfriend, he reeled off the expected lines about what an "amazing woman" Swift is, how "generous and kind and lovely" , and how "real" the whole thing was. (Very, apparently.)

He also addressed one of the biggest lingering questions about their relationship.

Primarily: why the eff was he snapped wearing that truly heinous "I ♥ T.S." tank top?

Don't remember? Let this very blurry photo jog your memory...

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C'mon Tom, you're better than that.

"The truth is, it was the Fourth of July and a public holiday and we were playing a game and I slipped and hurt my back," he told GQ's Taffy Brodesser-Akner.

"And I wanted to protect the graze from the sun and said, 'Does anyone have a T-shirt?’ And one of her friends said, 'I’ve got this.'"

'This' being the sartorial abomination pictured above.

"We all laughed about it. It was a joke."

The couple eventually called it quits in September, but the memories of their very over-the-top, VERY public displays of affection will last a lifetime.

"A relationship always takes work. A relationship in the limelight takes work. And it’s not just the limelight. It’s everything else," he said.