'Tom Hiddleston is said to be 'uncastable' for a movie thanks to Taylor Swift. I beg to differ.'

While everybody is asking, “Are they? Aren’t they?” over Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s rumoured romance, Piers Morgan is questioning what on earth has led the British actor to bring the male sex into disrepute.

His sin? Publicly fawning over his new girlfriend.

“Oh Tom,” Morgan exclaimed. “Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, TOM. What the hell were you thinking?????”

Oh, I don’t know, maybe he is smitten? Maybe he’s blissfully dating one of pop’s biggest stars? Maybe he just doesn’t care what the world thinks about his new flame?

Piers Morgan is very disappointed in Tom Hiddleston.

But no, that is apparently irrelevant when you're aspiring to play a macho movie hero like James Bond. And so Morgan completely lays into Hiddleston in his latest column for the Daily Mail, accusing the actor of totally losing the plot for his public displays of affection.

The TV personality says he had been all for the Hiddleswift pairing when the news broke three weeks ago.

But their canoodling became too much for him when Hiddleston was spotted frolicking in the ocean with with Tay like "recently separated Siamese twins".

The beach antics were not the worst of Hiddleston's crime. It was the fact he was sporting a T-shirt printed with "I <3 T.S." and a heart-shaped tattoo with "T" in its centre that shook Morgan to his core.

How dare Hiddleston aspire professionally to be named the next Bond while in his personal life he is swooning over a woman?

Morgan prays it is just an elaborate hoax because the alternative is simply unthinkable: that the "man who would be Bond is a gigantic, toe-curling, insufferably infatuated and sycophantic wuss with women."

The new romance is yet to be officially confirmed by either party.
The Sun

When the heck did sweeping romantic gestures become behaviour to be pilloried?

Did I miss the memo stating it is now socially unacceptable for a man to openly appreciate his significant other?

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Morgan believes we should all be wary of a man who proclaims his love for a woman in the way Hiddleston has.

And that just makes my jaw drop.

You might think Hiddleston's T-shirt and tattoo combo is totally soppy, utterly sweet or bloody hilarious. But does it make him a poor example of man?

No. Not one ounce.

It makes him a guy who is comfortable with publicly proving his love. And doing so for a woman who is clearly on board with it.

Because -- shock, horror -- a man can show emotions and still be manly. Yes, even an up-and-coming James Bond.

Watch Taylor Swift sneak up on a fan at their wedding. Post continues after video...

And for what it's worth, Bond is by no means a shining example of how to treat women. I'd take a guy wearing a cheesy T-shirt over Bond any day.

We are doing ourselves zero favours if we accept the message that seeing a male behave so publicly affectionate is not just socially objectionable but also an embarrassment to men the world over and an insult to ideals of 'machoism'.

Men and women alike have enough societal pressures as it is. So how about we all agree on one thing: that romance and manliness are not mutually exclusive.

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