Excuse us, but two of our favourite Aussie actors just had a baby together.

If you exist in the very specific but die-hard niche of Please Like Me fans, then we are about to share some news that will make your week. Nay, existence.

If you are thinking, ‘Please like what now?’ then you’ll probably react to this news with a smile and a shrug and carry on your merry way.

Either way, it’s a nice outcome.

So let’s proceed.

Comedian Josh Thomas‘ critically acclaimed drama series, Please Like Me, aired for four seasons between February 2013 and December 2016, and was basically the most hilarious and honest depiction of what life in your twenties looks like.

The character of Tom, Josh’s best friend who had a wee problemo with monogamy, was a particular fan favourite. When Tom met Ella during a night out on MDMA in season three, he fell in love, and the pair ended up going steady. (Please Like Me was way too cool to use a phrase like “going steady”, but, I am not…)

Tom and Ella were the show’s best couple, until Ella dumped him at the end of the last season, literally just after she began to move stuff into their new apartment. Nice one, Ella.


In real life, after the show ended, the actors’ stories proved to be even more interesting.

Because Tom (Thomas Ward) and Ella (Emily Barclay) just had a cute, squishy baby together, named Teddy.


Hey look what I made. Teddy Ward Barclay ????

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I’m a dad now

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It’s not entirely clear whether Tom and Emily are a romantic couple, or just friends. In March, Tom wrote in a caption of then-pregnant Emily, “I love her (in a purely platonic way).”

So, is that caption trying to tease very serious Instagram detectives like me, who have spent the last 12 months trying to figure out if Tom/Ella/Tom/Emily are a real-life thing, despite Tom/Ella/Tom/Emily being 50% fictional, and 50% total strangers?


And if I’m honest, I totally deserve it. So tease away.


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