From the loo roll girls to our women's cricket team: Just 7 good news stories to make you smile.

Right now the world feels like a pretty scary place.

With COVID-19 fears growing, every news station, newspaper frontpage and homepage in the country is filled with emergency warnings – and buying toilet paper is becoming a source of real anxiety even for those of us not panic buying.

For a country still recovering from the devastation of our worst bushfires on record, this global emergency feels like too much too soon.

So, in an effort to make us all feel collectively a little bit better, we’ve rounded up some of the great news that has been happening in recent weeks.

SIDENOTE: Speaking of good news. Imagine if all the girls in the world could read? Post continues after video.

Video by Mamamia

1. Let’s start with the toilet paper.

Because it’s all anyone is talking about really.

“How many rolls have you got?”

“What if someone mugs me on the street for my loo roll?”

These are actual conversations overheard in the Mamamia office, and we suspect this is a conversation being mirrored across the country.

But have you heard about the two little girls using their tooth fairy money to buy toilet paper for pensioners?

Mareeba locals Addyson McGuire, 6, and Lucy Shaban, 4, have been using their hard-earned pocket and tooth fairy money to buy rolls for others.

Addison and Lucy
Addison and Lucy on their way to hand out toilet paper to oldies. Image: Nine.

"When she said she wanted to give it out. We said to her, 'What do you want to do with it', and she said 'I want to give it to people who can't get some',"Petrina McGuire, Addyson's mother told Today.

"That's when we came up with the pensioners cottages. We only live around the corner. That's when we decided to pack it in the cart and brought it around," she added.

2. The Australian women's cricket team broke records.

On Sunday night, 86,174 people packed out the MCG to watch the Australian women's cricket team play in the Twenty20 World Cup final.

It broke records for being the highest ever attendance for a female sporting event in Australia. Ever.

The total beat the estimated 80,000 who watched Australia win the 1997 ODI World Cup final in Kolkata, the previous record.

3. Second person in the world cured of HIV.

This is huge.

A man in London, 40-year-old Adam Castillejo, has become the second person globally to be cured of HIV.

The Lancet HIV journal reports he was cured by a stem-cell treatment he received for a cancer he also had.

In 2011, Timothy Brown became the first person reported as being cured of HIV a few years after having a similar treatment.


BBC reports stem-cell transplants appear to stop the virus replicating inside the body by replacing the patient's own immune cells with donor ones that resist HIV infection.

4. The pizza company doing good things for doggos.

A good news round-up wouldn't be complete without some animal news.

A pizza franchise in New York is warming hearts by raising awareness of shelter dogs in need of a home by putting their photos on pizza boxes.

Just Pizza & Wing Co. has teamed up with Niagara Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and it's already resulted in an adoption.

A six-month-old puppy called Larry has a home thanks to the initiative and now other shelters and pizzerias in the US have asked if they can use the idea in their areas.

pizza and shelter
A pizzeria and a shelter are teaming up to find doggos homes. Image: Niagara SPCA.

5. Carbon emissions on a downward turn.

According to a new report, carbon emissions from the world's power sector reportedly fell by two per cent in 2019.

That's the largest drop in electrical CO2 production since 1990.

The report builds on research published by the International Energy Agency last month outlining how global CO2 emissions had actually defied expectations by plateauing last year thanks to a rise in renewable power sources and declining coal usage.

Wind and solar power generated eight per cent of the world's electricity last year, with usage rising 15 per cent in 2019.

Europe's collective efforts have seen the continent half their coal usage since 2007.

6. Uber Pet is officially HERE.

Okay back to pets, but this is a genuine PSA.


If you weren't aware already, pets are now officially allowed in Ubers (hoorah!)

Uber Pet launched on March 10 in Sydney and Brisbane (on a trial basis) for an extra $6-7 on top of your normal ride cost.

If it's successful, the service will be rolled out nationally which means you can ride alongside your doggo, cat, lizard, bird as you please.

7. The llama that went to a wedding.

Just in case you really hadn't cracked a smile yet, please allow us to introduce you to Shocky the llama.

21-year-old Mendl Weinstock showed up to his sister Riva's wedding ceremony with the animal in tow - dressed for the occasion in a custom made tuxedo - after a promise he made as a teenager.

5 years ago I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding from r/pics

The two siblings had been on a road trip from Ohio to Indiana in 2015 when Mendl joked that he was going to bring a llama to Riva’s wedding.

After she got engaged in October, Mendl set to work and tracked down his date for the nuptials.

"She was shocked at first but more impressed that I kept my promise from 5 years ago," he told USA Today.

Feature image: Channel Nine/Instagram @auswomencricket.