The new personality test that can identify if you're Type A or Type B.

Move over Myers Briggs, there’s a new personality test taking the Internet by storm and it’s as easy as taking a look inside your bathroom.

Which way do you roll? Your toilet paper, that is. Do you hang it over or under?

More importantly, are you some kind of sociopathic control freak? The answer, it seems, lies in your loo…

According to self-proclaimed “relationship expert to the stars” Dr Gilda Carle, the way your orient your toilet paper will tell you a lot about your personality.

People who roll over are more dominant, apparently.

People who roll under, you guessed it, more submissive.

“Some Dominants admitted their compulsion to actually switch the paper direction at other people’s houses,” Dr Gilda told indy100.

But it’s not all sh*ts and giggles either:

“While it adds humour to the conversation, it also provides oh-so-much insight about your future compatibility with that person.”

If you’re one of those people who folds their paper into a neat triangle, we can’t help you, you’re deeply, deeply troubled.

Anyway, now why your date hasn’t come back from the bathroom yet, they’re busy scoping you out.

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