Woman who posted Facebook pic of toddler with Down Syndrome in a washing machine refuses to apologise.

She says: “It was a laugh.”

It seems so cruel its unfathomable.

A toddler with Down Syndrome locked in a washing machine is bad enough.

To take a photo of it and post it to Facebook makes you shake your head in wonder.

A Scottish woman is on the defensive after she posted the image on her Facebook page of a two-year-old boy with Down Syndrome in the washing machine.

The image uploaded to Facebook.

21-year old Courtney Stewart, from Erskine in Renfrewshire in Scotland, was caring for the little boy when she says he climbed into the washing machine and she took the photo.

The image, uploaded to Facebook, shows an adult’s hand holding the washing machine door shut with the toddler inside.

Ms Stewart defended the photos said the door “was not closed right over.”

The 21-year old, a mother herself, told The Daily Record “He loves the washing machine. We took a picture and it was a laugh.”

Ms Stewart claimed that in fact it was okay as he climbed into the machine of his own accord. “He is clearly laughing in the pictures.”

“So I don’t understand why somebody took that picture as – well, I don’t know what they took it as.”

“What did they think I was doing to him? Taking him for a spin?

“He’s got a bit of a washing obsession. Anyone who knows him would know he’s got a washing obsession.”

Courtney Stewart (Facebook)

Neighbours reported the incident to the police, saying they were concerned for the welfare of the little boy.

One neighbour told The Daily Record “It was terrible to look at.”

“For anyone, let alone someone who is also a parent, to take a picture like that and stick it on Facebook for a laugh is unbelievable. It’s no wonder people are angry about it.”

“People in the town have been talking about it, because anyone who has seen it has been left shocked.”

Ms Stewart said that since she posted the image she has been under attack, with a women even assaulting her on her front door step.


She say the while thing has been taken out of context and that she explained that to the police when they questioned her about the photo.

“I don’t know who reported it. I don’t really know why they would do that. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

“They shouldn’t be able to call the police anonymously.

“The police know who it was and I don’t think it’s at all fair that they can’t tell me.”

The image, which has gone viral overnight has sparked heated debate on social media, with some defending the 21-year old:

“I can’t believe people would think this was abuse! Kids do strange things all the time! My little boy climbs into the washing machine all the time! He thinks it’s hilarious!”

“Some people will be offended sure but seriously? Get a grip. It’s not like they stuck him on for a wash and dry for crying out loud or locked him in there and frightened him.”

And others slamming her actions.

“I’m shocked at the amount of people that don’t think there is anything wrong with this. washing machines are not toys for kids to play with. children shouldn’t be encouraged to climb into the machine, its completely dangerous.”

“I have 3 kids one with special needs and I would never have allowed this. Kids learn by example.. So hey if mummy thinks it’s funny I can do it again and next time it could end badly.”

According to The Daily Record a police spokesperson confirmed they had spoken to Ms Steward.

“Advice was given. Relevant child care checks were made.”

Ms Stewart says that the whole thing has been “horrible”.

“It’s horrible having the police at the door thinking you’re a bad person,” she said.

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