3-year-old thrown from amusement park ride after staff 'forgot to secure her seatbelt'.

An enjoyable day out at an amusement park for one family ended in horror as a three-year-old girl was thrown from a ride when staff “forgot” to secure her in her seat.

Amelia Horn, 27, was watching her three-year-old daughter Gracie on a ‘Race o Rama’ ride at Redcar resort in North Yorkshire, England, when she suddenly “flew into the air” as it rounded a corner.

girl thrown from ride
Amelia and her daughter, Gracie. Image via Amelia Horn/Facebook.

"As the ride went really fast round a corner, my daughter flew into the air and smashed her body then head hard onto the floor and against the railings," Amelia wrote on Facebook after the incident.

The young mother said the woman controlling the ride didn't notice her daughter had fallen from the ride, and it wasn't until another onlooker stepped in to pull her daughter to safety that Gracie was saved.

"The young girl controlling the ride watched me run over the moving ride grab my daughter off the floor screaming her head off and crying her eyes out," Amelia wrote.

girl thrown from ride
Gracie was thrown from the car ride as it rounded a corner. Image via Amelia Horn/Facebook.

"The girl still left the ride going and ran over to me crying saying she was so sorry she's forgot to put the children's seat belts on!"

Little Gracie suffered cuts and bruises as a result of being thrown from the ride.

Speaking to the Evening Gazette, Amelia said that if it wasn't for the Good Samaritan, her daughter "could have been killed".

girl thrown from ride
Gracie on the ride moments before she was thrown. Image via Facebook.

"I was crying my eyes out thinking about what could have happened, it was so dangerous," she said.

"The manager then told us that Gracie could have as many free goes on the ride as she wanted, which is ridiculous as I'd never let her go on it again."

She said her daughter is "traumatised" after the incident and will probably "never go on a ride again".

The amusement park has yet to respond to the mother's claims.

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