From The Little Independent to The Observer: here are the toddler personalities in your family.

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My little girl just leaped into the toddler stage (pass the tissues). She’s no longer a baby that just lies there and finds the white ceiling fascinating. She is her own little person (who I love getting to know, but man, I miss those days when she didn’t move).

Overnight, she’s developed this little unique personality. She finds her own jokes h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. She shows her approval of things by clapping. She yells at me to look when she thinks she’s doing something cool. She displays a “what the …?” expression when I dance or sing to her.

Thanks kid but just remember, that bad dancer is also the bringer of the food.

To help identify your child’s character quirks, here are a few toddler personalities I’ve noticed from our trips to the playground:

Little independent.

Motto: “I’m a grown-up and can do everything on my own, except maybe make my food, or do number twos on the toilet, or tie my shoelaces. But I’m still a grown-up.”

This little kid is far too eager to grow up. They believe they can do everything the bigger kids in the playground can do and get frustrated when they realise they can’t (or when mum/dad holds them back from nearly killing themselves on the jungle gym). In the future, they will prefer to catch the bus to see a movie with friends than have you drop them off.


The 'grown-up' who can put their own shoes on. Image: iStock.

The observer.

Motto: “I’m just fine here on my own looking at everyone, thankyouverymuch.”

Sometimes referred to as shy, this little one just likes to watch what goes on in the playground (which is usually a lot of craziness). They tend to keep their distance from big groups of kids and most likely will find the other solo kid in the sandpit quietly building sand castles to play with.

The rebel.

Motto: “Rules are bendy.”

Toys can be thrown on the other side of the fence. Hats do not need to be worn when playing in the sun. Hell, let’s just get naked while we are at it. Don’t think that this kid is a bad kid or spoilt. They are just at that might-as-well-bang-your-head-against-the-wall stage where boundaries will be pushed. On top of that, they might be a new older sibling so they know they can get away with more while mum is busy with the newborn.

Rebel child. Image: iStock.

Mummy’s helper.

Motto: “I superglued myself to my mum.”

This kid has mum sitting in the sandpit with them… but not because she wants to. Mum desperately wants to be with the other mums talking like a grown-up with a strong cup of coffee in her hand. But, if she puts more than 10 centimetres between herself and her kid, she knows it’ll be at risk of an impending meltdown. Do this mum a favour, take her that strong cup of coffee.


The chatterbox.

Motto: “I know everything and will impart my wisdom on to you.”

Adult, other kid, dog, piece of grass… doesn’t really matter, this kid will blab away to anyone (and depending on their language level, may not make a whole lot of sense). They will tell you everything that they have ever done with their imaginary friend. They will tell you everything they will do with their imaginary friend.

They will tell you their address, what their older sister ate for breakfast, what mum yelled at dad about the night before, and their thoughts while they made their last number two on the toilet like a big person. Just nod.

This kid will tell you everything that they have ever done with their imaginary friend. Image: iStock.

The eater.

Motto: “I’m starving.”

This kid is not starving. Mum does a very good job at feeding this little hungry munchkin. Whether they are going through a never-ending growth spurt or just like to eat (I mean, who doesn’t?), this little one is always munching on something. Even in the middle of playing with others. Just feel for the mum who has to have a constant supply of snacks on hand.


The leader.

Motto: “This is how we shall play.”

I’m happy to admit, I’m in awe of this type of toddler. At such a young age, they are able to not only make friends (extremely little social creatures), they are able to organise them all to play the game they want to play, with the rules they have decided.

And no other kid disagrees (unless there is another leader in the pack, then it might get… tricky). While some might say these kids are bossy, I think they are more highly organised and just want to make the most of the opportunity to play with their new friends.

“This is how we shall play.” Image: iStock.

The switcheroo.

Motto: “Tricked you.”

Observer one minute, chatterbox the next. Going into a playground full of toddlers running around screaming is pretty daunting, so sometimes these kids go to a pseudo personality. Then once they get the hang of things, their true little unique self shines through.

Which personality types does your toddler have?