#MilkLove helps with a happy toddler and a happy mum.

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Nobody mentioned the little monster your child can turn into when they are hungry. Sure, they said that one of the reasons kids cry is because they are hungry. But I never imagined being greeted by a toddler-sized Mr. Hyde after the mid-morning nap time.

Of course, I’d heard of the terrible twos. I’d seen parents desperately trying to reason with their toddler as a full-blown tantrum threatened to erupt.

I survived through my nieces’ never-ending “why?” questions when they were three. Although after babysitting them, their questions prompted me to seriously question life, I mean… why is the grass green?

But nobody, not one well-meaning parent, warned me of the challenges of a hungry toddler. Okay, so I know what happens when I get hungry. Those that love and know me are well aware of the survival rule to give me a 10 metre radius until I get something in my belly. Toddlers? Cranky is a serious understatement.

Cranky is an understatement. Image: iStock.

Which is why, if you ever decided to pop into my house at the end of nap time, you will find me sprinting for the kitchen, screaming kid on hip, quickly preparing her snack and milk, desperately searching for her favourite toy and turning on Doc McStuffins in the sheer hope the opening song will give me another 20 seconds of limited Mr. Hyde.


Here’s the thing, though. As soon as I make it to the couch and hand her the plate and sippy cup, all I hear is Doc McStuffins blaring from the TV (which in mum-world is considered blissful silence). Once my little girl is done, she hands me her empty dishes and gives me the biggest smile with a little milk dribbling down her chin.

That my friend is what #MilkLove is all about. Happy toddlers.

So cute, so happy and so full of #milklove. Image: supplied.

A nutritious diet is important and toddler milk can assist with your little one’s intake of energy and nutrients when it may not be adequate. A satisfied tummy helps create happy toddlers, which helps create a happy mum.

What could be better than that?