Toddler meets his favourite garbage collectors. Can't even deal.

Quincy loves garbage trucks. No, guys. You don’t understand.

Quincy LOVES garbage trucks.

Two-year-old Quincy Kroner, from Cincinatti, USA, liked to watch the garbage men on his street every Friday. He would press his face up against the window, and be rewarded with a wave from the friendly council workers.

And then, Quincy was a good boy. He filled up a sticker chart with gold stars for his toilet-training, and was rewarded with a toy garbage truck, with two little plastic men and everything.

He asked his dad Ollie if he could SHOW the garbage men. “I think they’ll think it’s pretty cool,” he told his Dad.

So that Friday, they gathered on the footpath, ready for the rubbish men. The two friendly workers got out of the garbage truck and posed for a photo with Quincy and his awesome little truck.

And the photo captured the exact moment that Quincy just maxed out with emotion.

The photo shared by Quincy’s Dad.

“I couldn’t say what it was that made him break down,” Oliver said to the local paper. “I don’t know if it was the noise or the smell or the unfamiliarity or him being a 2-year-old. It very well could have been the excitement of it all, too.”

Now the photo is a viral sensation, which is a bit more than Quincy can understand.

All he knows is garbage trucks. Quincy just loves garbage trucks.