Woman labelled a 'pervert' over video of toddler grabbing her breast.

A Canadian woman has been forced to defend herself against accusations of perversion after she posted a video to Instagram in which a toddler grabs her breast.

Tillie Medland, a model from Toronto, has been berated by online trolls over the clip, in which her partner’s two-year-old nephew, Jetson, innocently places his hand down her sports bra.

“He could see us all laughing and was loving the attention, and became even more enthusiastic,” Medland explained to UniLad.

“I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t sure how to react; Jetty was so cheeky and yet so adorable all at the same time.”

toddler grabbing model's breast
"I wasn't sure how to react." Image: Tillie Medland/Instagram.

Yet a number of Instagram users chose to see something more sinister in the video, which was captured by the boy's mother.

"That’s disgusting that you didn’t stop him. If that was a little girl feeling up a guy it would be all over the news. You’re a pervert," wrote one, in a now-deleted comment.

"Sick [censored] she is. Allowing a child to touch her like that," wrote another. "Had she been a man the whole world wools [sic] be labelling him a pedophile and a pig for letting a child touch him. What a shame."

And from another, "This s*** is disgusting."

@elenazavet @mishazprime @maxim1111 @barstoolsports Ohh Jetty ????????

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Medland told UniLad she has been "blown away" by the reaction the video has attracted.

"To be honest I still find this whole phenomenon hilarious but I am a little disgusted and disturbed by some of the responses ranging from creepy guys, to self-righteous people," she said.

Thankfully, plenty of followers agree with her.

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"I have three boys [it's] totally normal!" wrote one sympathetic commenter. "People are way too so sensitive these days. If you don't have kids you don't understand. There is nothing nasty, disturbing, or gross about this video."

"Breasts were designed for feeding babies, and if that is/was his foodsource on his mom, he doesn't know any different on his aunt," added another. "Nothing wrong or offensive!"

Medland says that, despite the backlash over the clip, as far as she's concerned it's nothing more than a "hilarious and heartwarming" home video.

"I’m slowly learning that there are far more creeps in the world than I used to think", she told UniLad. "But this is definitely an experience to remember."

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