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1. Police do not believe toddler Nikki Francis-Coslovich’s mother killed her.

Police do not believe Peta-Ann Francis killed her daughter Nikki Francis-Coslovich despite lawyers alleging she did during the trial of her former partner for the two-year-old’s death.

Yesterday, John Clifford Torney, 32, was found not guilty of Nikki’s murder on August 25, 2015. He was also acquitted of an alternative charge of manslaughter.

Torney had admitted placing Nikki’s body in the roof cavity of her mother’s home.

New information about Torney has come to light after his trial. The Herald Sun reports that Torney was a violent speed user who was coming down from a five day binge the day Nikki was killed. It has also now been reported that he was heard threatening the toddler on the day before her death.

The Herald Sun reports neighbour Jermayne Kennedy told detectives he saw Mr Torney standing a scared Nikki saying: “Shut the f— up, you little c—.”

He also had a criminal record after attacking a police officer with a hammer handle near Mackay in Queensland 13 years ago.

Mr Torney told police that it was his partner Ms Francis who killed Nikki in a rage and that he hid the body in the Oram Court home to keep her from getting into trouble. His lawyers alleged the same thing in court.

But a day after he was found not guilty, it has been revealed that police do not believe Ms Francis killed Nikki, and she will not be charged unless new evidence comes to light.

2. Women report being abused after Donald Trump’s victory.

Women in America are reporting increased sexual assaults in the wake of the victory of Donald Trump as the next US President.

One woman, Amanda Shore from Los Angeles, has written that she was so frightened she will struggle to feel safe again.

Ms Shore says when she went shopping she “made it halfway to the store before a man in a MAGA hat grabbed me by the crotch and whispered “Are you scared now, you liberal c**t?”

She continued: “I froze. I ran back to my car once he walked away and drove straight home. I need to remove the Bernie sticker on my car, to be safe. I don’t think I’ll feel safe in this country ever again.

“This is now public for sharing, and yes I did file a police report.”

Another woman, Emma, wrote on Twitter she was verbally abused by a man who said, “how does it feel to be grabbed by the pussy b—-?”

3. Donald Trump makes first visit to Washington as President-elect.

As anti-Trump protests continue across the United States, Donald Trump has arrived at the White House for his first meeting with Barack Obama as President-elect.

After an hour long meeting, the two appeared in front of the cameras together.

Mr Obama said he was “encouraged” by their “excellent and wide-ranging” conversation.

But all observers said the atmosphere was tense. In the past Mr Trump has questioned Mr Obama’s US citizenship and vowed to dismantle his legacy including Obamacare. While Mr Obama called Mr Trump “uniquely unqualified”.

But in the White House Mr Obama said he was “rooting for him” after his surprise election win.

Mr Obama said: “My number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful.”

While Mr Trump met with Mr Obama First lady Michelle Obama also meet privately in the White House residence with Mr Trump’s wife, Melania.


4. Paul Keating says Donald Trump’s presidency should mean Australia moves away from the US.

Speaking on the ABC, Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has said that the presidency of Mr Trump should herald Australia’s move away from the US as its key alliance.

“This whole question about our subordination to the United States in a sort of broad policy term. This society of ours is a better society than the United States,” he said.

“In foreign policy terms, we’re getting the message from President-elect Donald Trump that he’s a big power guy and he’s not for alliances.”

He said Australia needed to make its way in Asia with an independent foreign policy.

“I’ve suggested for instance, we should join ASIAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations,” Mr Keating said.

“In other words, we’d be more useful to the United States, by the way, if we were doing these things.

“Isn’t an independent, balanced foreign policy the right answer? Or do we stay in a crouch, saying Hail Marys to the alliance?”

5. Killer who sexually assaulted and murdered 11-year-old had child pornography images on his phone.

The man who snuck into the bedroom of 11-year-old Zoe Buttigieg sexually assaulted her and strangled her to death in Wangaratta did it because he wanted her all to himself.

Bowe Maddigan, 30, pleaded guilty in August to the murder and indecent assault of the girl on October 25 last year.

A court heard that Maddigan drank and smoked cannabis with Zoe’s mother Janelle Saunders at their home before he snuck into her room, removed her pants and sexually assaulted her before strangling her.

Prosecutor John Champion said, “He stated ‘I wanted to have her all to myself’, he described her as looking ‘like an angel’.”

The Age reports after sexually assaulting her, Maddigan put his large gold ring in her mouth and strangled her.

When arrested police found child pornography images on his phone and similar content in his internet search history.

6. Three-year-old found floating in backyard pool survives.

A little boy found floating in a backyard swimming pool in Brisbane’s inner north has been lucky to survive.

The Courier Mail reports that emergency services were called to the scene on Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton, yesterday afternoon following reports the three-year-old had been found in a pool.

CPR was performed on the little boy regained consciousness and started breathing again before paramedics arrived.

He was taken to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in a stable condition.

7. Taiwan might be the first Asian nation to legalise same-sex marriage.

Taiwan appears set to become the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.

Taiwanese lawmakers are working on three bills in support of marriage equality, one of which is already listed for review and could be passed within months. Same-sex marriage also has the prominent support of President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s first female head of state.

Yu Mei-nu, a ruling Democratic Progressive Party MP told AP it would be a big step forward for human rights in the region.

“If Taiwan can get this passed … it will give other Asian countries a model,” she said.

If the bill is successful, Taiwan will join countries such as Canada, Colombia, and Ireland, countires who have legalised same-sex marriage.

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